Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cards Of The Weird: A Patrick Ewing Dual Jersey Card...but no Knicks Swatches??

When thumbing through my collection I noticed I only had one memorabilia card of Patrick Ewing. Now when you think of Patrick Ewing you think New York Knicks. The two go hand in hand. No one defined the New York Knicks in the mid 80's all the way through the 90's like Patrick Ewing did. Yet here's a jersey card, a dual one nonetheless that features two swatches from Patrick Ewing game used jerseys. Yet neither one of them is from a Knick jersey. The card comes from 01-02 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition and it's from the Trading Places set. It's easy to forget that Patrick Ewing didn't finish his career with the Knicks. In fact he did play for two more teams before calling it a career. Ewing would be traded to the Sonics before the 2000 season and then to the Magic where he played for one season before announcing his retirement. Already nearing the end of his Hall of Fame career, his two non Knick seasons were pretty underwhelming, but it did give Fleer an opportunity to create this card featuring Ewing worn Sonics and Magic jersey swatches. Now, I haven't done much research but this might be the only card created that uses Magic and Sonic jerseys. I think it's pretty cool, because there has to be less game used jerseys  from his Magic and Sonic playing days than his Knicks. I'll eventually pick up a Ewing Knicks game worn jersey card cause it's only natural to want to add one, but this card will always standout to me because it's so weird and surreal to see Ewing not only donning two different jerseys besides his New York Knicks uniform but to have a card containing those two other game used jerseys.

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