Sunday, July 31, 2011

My 2010 Trip To The Pro Football Hall Of Fame: Introduction

Last year, my trip to see Emmitt Smith get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was without a shadow of a doubt the BEST sports experience I have ever had live. I grew up idolizing Emmitt Smith, and being a kid in the 90's, I saw his great career from the start to end, and he is and always will be my favorite Cowboy of all time. Just going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton is an awesome experience in itself, but to go on induction weekend, there's nothing like it! Since the induction ceremonies are this coming week, I figure I'd use this week to share my memories of last year's festivities. I highly recommend any football fan to go and check out the Pro Football Hall Fame, it's pure football heaven! Stay tuned for most posts during the week of what was an unbelievable and memorable time in Canton, Ohio!

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  1. One of these days I'd like to eventually journey out to Canton to check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Definitely on my bucket list.

    P.S. Chris, last month you won some Team USA magnets on my site... the contest is over and I'm ready to ship. If you're still interested in them email me your address and I'll ship them out to you. Thanks.