Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #38 09-10 SP Game Used Tag Team Quads Lebron James/Emeka Okafor/Brandon Roy/Kevin Durant

The deeper we get in the countdown the more awesome the cards get. Here at #38 is a Quad Laundry Tag Patch from 09-10 SP Game Used. This beauty is numbered to 10 (mine being 7/10). I don't necessarily understand why these four were paired together, but any card that has both Kevin Durant and LeBron James is definitely a winner. Okafor is probably the most puzzling of the four yet he has  one of the better patch pieces. Upper Deck really went all out on it's SP Game Used set, as there are an abundance of different player combinations in both the dual and quad variety. Making it this high is pretty good and the only reason it's not higher is a couple of the swatches are bland one color (in contrast my Karl Malone/Gasol has part of the logoman and  Reebok Logo) and Okafor's inclusion kind of hurts the star power, but all in all this is a great card from a great set.

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