Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awesome You Tube Video: Dallas Mavericks: Journey to the Top

To say my best friend Kenny Bybee is a diehard Mavericks, Rangers, Cowboys fan would be the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY.  He lives and breathes these teams, and ever since he was a kid, he's been through all the ups and downs of these organizations. I think for the Mavs and Rangers though, it's much more sweeter, because unlike the Cowboys, who when we were born, already had a winning pedigree, the Mavs and Rangers struggled for years to become relevant teams in their respective sports. Instead of being the typical Bulls fan during MJ's peak, or Magic fan cause of Shaq, or a Braves fan in baseball, Kenny stuck with his teams, good or bad, (and admittedly mostly bad) and never gave up on them. We used to always crack jokes when he'd wear his red Rangers Juan Gonzalez T-Shirt or when he tried to convince us just how good Dirk was really going to be. Hell, I traded some Dirk rookies just to get some common Penny Hardaway insert cards, and I thought he was the sucker at the time! All those years of heartbreak, ridicule, anger, frustration, are all over because the Mavericks and Rangers ARE WINNERS. This past couple years has seen the Rangers advance to back to back World Series and the Mavs do the unthinkable and complete the greatest playoff I have ever seen in my life. Beating a very good Blazers team, Lakers, Thunder, and eventually the Heat to win their first ever NBA Title. For a guy who started out cheering for guys like Doug Smith, Roy Tarpley and Triple J Ranch, it couldn't be sweeter. Hopefully the Rangers can pull off the World Series win this year as well. Anyways sorry for the long spiel, I just wanted you to know the guy behind the video I want to showcase, and how much hard work and dedication he put in to this. It's very very awesome and if you're an NBA fan you will love this video. It's long but welllllll worth the view. Kenny, you did an awesome job with this man, and it would be my honor to showcase this video in my blog. Without further ado the Dallas Mavericks: Journey to the Top

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