Friday, October 14, 2011


Calvin Johnson has been flat out AMAZING this season. 9 TD's in 5 games is absurd, video-game like. I'm sure most receivers would take 9 TD's in an entire season! I know firsthand the greatness of Calvin after he helped destroy my Cowboys in that embarrassing comeback win at Cowboys Stadium. Whether it was three defenders in the end zone or just sad pathetic Terrence Newman, Calvin caught both TD's with ease. Calvin has always been a threat, but he's never fully reached his potential...until now that is. I picked up this card during Calvin's rookie season. It's a Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Freshman Fabrics Card. Not only does it contain pieces of event worn jersey, helmet, and football, but also Calvin's sig. Really nice card numbered to 50 (mine is #1/50, how bout that!) and definitely a card I'm glad I own, especially right now!

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