Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sports Cards and Memories Salute to Lance Berkman and the St. Louis Cardinals

I'll admit, I'm not exactly thrilled the way the World Series ended for the Rangers. Though I'm not a hardcore fan, more of a casual fan, I was pulling for Texas because my best friend is a huge fan of theirs, and I wanted them to win it for him. I'll tell you what though, this World Series pulled me more than any other series I've ever seen. That game 6 was unbelievable, I've never seen such a game in my life in  any sport. Though the Rangers lost, I always like to see superstars who've played for years get their first ring. For example, Dirk beating the Heat was so awesome and satisfying, because for stars, unfairly or fairly you are measured by championships, and finally nabbing one put Dirk up there as officially one of the NBA's best.
Lance Berkman's 1997 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

That was the case with Lance Berkman. He played so many years with the Houston Astros, he got his chance in 05, but the Stros got swept by the White Sox. Last year, Berkman had a horrible year and was traded to the Yankees where he had a less than stellar stint there. Signs were pointing to his decline, but he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in the offseason to play outfield. Many thought this was nuts, but Berkman proved his doubters wrong and was a valuable part of the St. Louis Cardinals Lineup. He returned the All Star Game and helped lead the Cardinals to an improbable playoff run and eventually the World Series. His contributions in the World Series were invaluable, he came up clutch hits and last night he  got to hoist up that World Series trophy for the first time in his career.
  My In Person Autograph of Lance Berkman. Got this at a Card Show in San Antonio where he was one of the free players signing. Had no idea who he was at the time, just thought eh why not free auto! 

The card above is an in person autograph I got of Berkman at a small card show in San Antonio. He was one of athletes signing for free and if memory serves me correct he was still in the minors at the time. I had no clue who he was, I just got it cause it was free and I wasn't gonna turn down a free autograph! The cool thing about the show was I was flipping through some cards there was a couple beside me looking for some rookie cards of their son. They happened to be Lance Berkman's parents. I always thought that was pretty cool and it's something I'll never forget. So congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and most importantly to Lance Berkman for finally getting his championship. Hopefully in the future, I can say the same about the Rangers because I have feeling they'll be a fixture in the playoffs for years to come!

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