Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #3 06-07 SP Signature Edition SP Signatures Michael Jordan

To me one of the ultimate goals a basketball collector can achieve is to obtain an autograph of the greatest basketball player that ever lived. Nowadays, Upper Deck has made it pretty easy with it's barrage of college themed sets and don't get me wrong, any MJ autograph is awesome and should be a treasure of one's collection, but to me the ultimate goal would be to obtain an autograph featuring MJ in his Chicago Bulls threads, like this card shown here at #3. The only thing that could possibly make this card better is if it were on card instead of a sticker autograph, but nonetheless this is a sweet autograph of Jordan. I grew up with MJ, he's the one who initially got me into basketball, and he was so larger than life, and I never thought I'd ever own an autograph of him. Luckily as Upper Deck made more and more autographs of him (I know some people cringe about that notion that UD is diluting the MJ Autograph market) they became more affordable and that's how I was able to add this beauty. Besides the sticker autograph, the only other reason this tops out at #3 is that I have a UDA certified autographed framed 8X10 photo of Jordan as well. It's in a Washington Wizards uniform, but the autograph is nice and crisp and done in silver pen, and that was my first MJ auto ever so autograph wise that's my favorite. But we're talking about cards here, and my 2nd favorite Jordan autograph happens to my 3rd favorite card out of my whole collection. Not a bad consolation prize I'd say!