Sunday, October 9, 2011

McFarlane EBay Auctions ending tonight including Rare Tom Brady Throwback Chase and Prince Fielder Auto Chase

 If you're a McFarlane collector, then you should definitely check out my auctions that end tonight. I've decided to sell off my collection and each week I'll be putting some up for auction. This week I have the Tom Brady AFL throwback chase piece numbered to 1000 and the Prince Field Gold Level Autographed Case Piece numbered to 400. I also got others including Lou Gehrig, Adrian Peterson, Walter Payton and more. Check em out here at

Here are the pics


  1. cool collection of mcfarlanes... that brady and fielder should fetch some serious $$$. wish i could afford those kinds of pieces.

  2. Yeah, I'm trying to save up for a huge purchase, maybe a babe ruth autograph or jordan game used jersey, so the first thing to go will unfortunately by my McFarlane collection. I love it, but I'd rather sell these than start going through my cards. I am keeping all Cowboys and my Griffey though and of course I'm keeping my SLU's

  3. Wow... a Ruth would be crazy. Glad to hear you're keeping your SLU's. Best of luck on your sales tonight.