Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating Shaq: Grand Finale Shaquille O'Neal 08-09 Phoenix Suns Game Used Jersey

In the grand scheme of things I don't have a real deep Shaq collection, only a couple autos, one patch card, nothing really huge, but the cornerstone of my Shaq collection is pretty damn awesome in my opinion. This is a home game used Phoenix Suns jersey from the 08-09 season of Shaq. I won this from Grey Flannel's Winter Auction of 2010. It's also game dated to April 3rd 2009 against the Sacremento Kings. This jersey originally belonged to Upper Deck as well, so I guess it was a jersey they were planning on using for game used cards it seems. Cards are awesome of course, but having a game used item is that much sweeter, brings you that much closer to the game. This jersey is larger than life, just like Shaq's career, and I'm lucky enough to own this. This concludes the Celebration of Shaq's career through my memorabilia and card collection. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have to offer and once again thanks Shaq, for not only entertaining all fans throughout your career but personally for being a huge inspiration for being in this hobby that I love so much.

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