Monday, June 27, 2011

CM Punk is so damn AWESOME

Holy crap was that one of the GREATEST promos, worked or not, that I have EVER seen on Raw. Ever since CM Punk turned heel on Jeff Hardy a couple years ago, I've realllllllllly dug CM Punk. He's gifted not only in the ring, but on the mic as well. I'm not gonna pretend I've followed him on the indy scene or anything like that, cause I haven't and like I said, as a face when he first showed up in WWE I was pretty bored with him, but as a heel there is NO ONE better and tonight proved it. It's got the wrestling world buzzing and as far as unpredictability there hasn't been this much since the Nexus initial attack last year. Is it all an angle or is part angle/part shoot? Who knows, some of the things Punk called the WWE out on tonight definitely you would think would've needed the OK of Vince McMahon (especially calling Stephanie McMahon his "idiotic daughter" and HHH his "doofus son in law", which was hilarious!). Very interested to see where this goes(I read rumors were Punk has been "suspended indefinitely"), hopefully not just another Super Cena victory. There's only one guy who can pull this off and it's CM Punk. Hats off to him and if this is really it, I'm gonna really miss him in the WWE.

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