Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-Honorable Mention-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Spot Signatures Ken Griffey Jr

Here's the 3rd of my Griffey autos. I really had a difficult time picking a Griffey auto to make the top 100 countdown and came really close to having two, since I really love the Sweet Spot Signature concept. Autographs on a simulated piece of baseball. Very cool idea indeed. Of course as I stated in the previous post, the biggest reason I chose the other Griffey auto was that I pulled it out of a pack, whereas this came where the majority of my collection came from....Ebay. BGS actually not only graded the card but the autograph as well (autograph grade is a 9). The scan is bad, but it really is a nice card and definitely a very close 2nd as far as favorite Griffey autographs go.

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