Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #43 2008 Playoff National Treasures All Pros Trios Prime Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith/Jerry Rice

Just a beautiful triple patch card period. That's all I can say when I see this card. Playoff's answer to Upper Deck's higher end products Ultimate Collection and Exquisite was National Treasures and when you can make awesome cards like the one here at #43, you're bound to win some fans over. It's the perfect storm of a card, you take a high end patch set, combine with arguably three of the best football players of all time and then add in sweet multi-colored patches (well The Emmitt is solid blue) and you got yourself a winner. This card is numbered to 25 copies (mine is 2/25) to boot. Just a lovely card and I can't repeat how much I love the player selection. Emmitt, Barry, and Jerry, just awesome. A hall of fame patch card of three Hall of Fame legends.

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