Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #44 2003 Upper Deck Signed Game Jerseys Ken Griffey Jr

As I have stated before, Ken Griffey Jr is my all time favorite baseball player. I have 3 certified autographs of him (one that I showed in yesterday's Father's Day post) and out of those 3 this is my favorite one for the simple reason in that I pulled out of a pack on my birthday weekend. My birthday fell on a Friday and there was a card show that Sunday, and I bought a couple packs of 2003 Upper Deck series one. When I got home and ripped open the packs I was shocked to see a.....redemption card actually. Yep, I pulled a redemption card for an autographed Game Jersey Card of Ken Griffey Jr. I was still excited of course, cause I didn't have a Griffey auto before this, but I've always been nervous about redemptions and how long they take to arrive. I waited...and waited...and waited..finally a few months passed by and I FINALLY received it, but it was definitely worth the wait. Griffey has such a nice full signature, and this is an on-card auto as well. It's numbered to 350 which is admittedly a little high, but it's the only on-card Griffey auto I have and also the only one I ever have pulled to this day, which makes it my favorite Griffey autograph in my collection and those are the reasons it cracks my Top 100 countdown.

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