Friday, June 17, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #45 03-04 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics LeBron James

Yes I am welllllll aware of what a horrible Finals LeBron James had, and the way he carried himself throughout the Finals from the mocking of Dirk to the whole "people will have to go back their normal lives" debacle, I don't condone any of this. LeBron James isn't exactly Mr. Popularity right now, and though he still needs to grow up, there's no doubt that at 26 years old, more than likely he still has a lot of great basketball left in him, and hopefully he'll use this season and learn from the mistakes he made (there's a good chance he won't of course). Still LeBron might suffer a setback in the  hobby, but the bottom line is he's too talented to stay down for long, and his cards will always be coveted by basketball collectors. Enter card #45 in my countdown. This is a cool card because not only is it from LeBron's rookie season, but the swatch is extra cool and unique. You see, it's not from a typical photo shoot used jersey, no sir, it's actually from a game used high school jersey that LeBron wore. It's that reason that I put this on my countdown. There are plenty of cards that feature game used NBA jerseys or rookie photo jerseys but this one of only 2 that I can recall off the top of my head that features a piece of high school jersey (the other being the 03-04 UD Top Propsects School Colors). Definitely a different spin on game used and kudos to UD for not using a photo shoot jersey for this card and going the extra effort and securing a James game used jersey from his St Vincent-St Mary days. It was definitely a must have in my collection and I'm thankful I was able to win it off Ebay a couple years ago.

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