Sunday, June 12, 2011

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks!! NBA CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!

What an UNBELIEVABLE run!! The Dallas Mavericks are NBA CHAMPIONS and they not only deserved it they EARNED IT. This in my opinion was the best run I have EVER seen. This team was not supposed to get past a deep Portland team, yet not only did they do that, they DOMINATED AND SWEPT Kobe and the Lakers, beat the young Thunder in 5, and just totally outplayed the Heat and seriously damaged the credibility and legacy of LeBron James. Dirk has forever shed the soft and choker label, that can be passed to good ol King James now. I am so proud of Dirk and the Mavs. What a great series!! The Mavs played TEAM basketball when it mattered, everybody stepped up when need be and came together and believed in themselves. That's how YOU win a title! You don't need a superteam to win NBA titles, Dirk just proved that. Miami will more than likely will be back, no doubt, and despite losing, they were able to make the Finals in their first year together, but LeBron's smugness and terrible play really turned me off, Wade's bitching and him and James mocking Dirk, really turned me off as well, cause Dirk ran CIRCLES around them. Congrats again to the Dallas Mavericks, NBA Champions of the World, and no one can take that away!!

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