Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Week's Mail

Here's what I got in this week's mail

2001 UD Legends of New York Red Rolfe Jersey Card
First up is a game used jersey of Red Rolfe, old time Yankee player. Love the pinstripe portion of the jersey and I like adding memorabilia of old players who don't have much out there.

98-99 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Shaquille O'Neal
Well it was Shaq tribute week and I felt it was fitting to pick up this gem. It's known, but I'll beat a dead horse that I LOVE earlier game used jersey sets, especially the ones put out by Upper Deck in the late 90's. This is a nice yellow swatch off a Lakers jersey worn by Shaq.

Famous Fabrics First Edition Nameplates Michael Irvin
Ah yes, Famous Fabrics makes an appearance this week. I'm a huge Cowboy fan, and this card was pretty cheap in my opinion, of course a big part of that is that it's unlicensed and there are no pics of the player featured on the card, but I still love this card. It's the 2nd letter I from a game used Michael Irvin jersey. Great addtion to my Cowboy collection.

I also added a couple of nice additions to the game used collection

2005 Carlos Beltran Game Used Bat
1st up is the 7th game used bat that I have added to my collection. This one came off Ebay from Ball Park Heroes and it's a nicely used Carlos Beltran Game Used Bat from 2005. Very cool.

2010 Rajai Davis Jackie Robinson Day Game Used Jersey (MLB Authenticated) 
And last but not least, my first baseball game used jersey. This is cool because a)it was used for the Jackie Robinson day and b)it shows great use, dirt stains are shown galore. Awesome addition to my game used collection.

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