Saturday, July 9, 2016

After 5 Years....I'M BACKKKKKKKKK!!!

So after suffering from card burnout and taking a 5 year hiatus from collection (including basically selling everything I had in order to start a game used collection) for reasons beyond me...I got that itch again and a little less than a month decided to "unretire" and re-enter this crazy hobby again! So I'm resurrecting the blog and this is a reboot of sorts as I won't be continuing my Top 150 countdown that I started two years and never finished because so much has changed between then and now anyways. I'll be playing catch up and posting my box breaks (I've already busted 10 boxes of product lol) and EBay pickups I've had over these past few weeks. Let's just say it feels GREAT to back!!


  1. Welcome back! Gonna miss that countdown. Maybe you should start it over ;)

  2. Yeah I always like doing countdown type stuff, it might make a comeback before you know it!