Friday, July 29, 2016

Looks Like I've Got Some Rippin To Do!!

 photo 20160729_213704_zpsjl8avgbc.jpg 
Well...I haven't had time to rip these boxes I've gotten in..but finally this weekend I WILL!!! This Sunday I'll be spending the day ripping these bad boys. 13 boxes in all! Here's a look at the goods

2 Boxes of 2016 Retail Allen & Ginter (Don't normally do retail, but I had some old Wal Mart gift cards to burn so I figured I'd give these a shot)
14-15 Donruss Basketball
15-16 Donruss Basketball
15-16 NBA Hoops
2 Boxes of 15-16 Limited Basketball
2 Boxes of 15-16 Gold Standard Basketball
1 Box of 15-16 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Basketball
1 Box of 15-16 Playoff Prestige Basketball
2 Boxes of 2016 Topps Tribute Baseball

Should be a blast!! Hope I get a couple decent outta this! I'll be posting my box breaks throughout next week.


  1. Good luck with your pulls! That's a lot of boxes to open!

  2. Thanks! Should be a a lot of fun!

  3. damn that would make for one entertaining night! good luck, pull some cool stuff!

  4. Gonna have to wait until tomorrow to do this....added a couple more blasters to the mix though! I couldn't help it! LOL

  5. I'm a little late to the party... but I hope you had a blast busting all of this.

  6. say it was a blast...would be an understatement...especially for what I pulled!!