Saturday, May 28, 2011

This Week's Mail

Time to delve in to what I got in this weeks mail!

1954 Topps Ted Williams PSA 3
I must say Fuji over of the Chronicles of Fuji got me insanely jealous with his pickup of a 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson and inspired me to do a little vintage searching of my own. I picked this one up, and yeah the grade is not ideal, but it's just a thrill for me to own a 54 Topps card of Ted Williams.

97-98 UD3 Awesome Action Anfernee Hardaway
Me and my Penny 90's inserts! I took advantage of a seller's combined shipping and picked this one up for only a couple dollars. Very nice Penny to add to the collection.
2005 SP Signature Golf Authentic Fabrics Arnold Palmer
I went a little off the beaten path this week and picked this tournament worn shirt card of one golf's greatest players of all time. I love adding memorabilia and autographs of legends of all sports, and Arnold Palmer definitely qualifies on this count.

2001 SP Authentic Tour Swatch Byron Nelson
Same goes for this early issue memorabilia card of Golf legend Byron Nelson.

1998 UD Nascar Auto-graphs Terry Labonte
Labonte is not only one of greatest drivers in NASCAR history, him and his brother Bobby Labonte were born right here in my hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. That gave me even more incentive to pick this auto up.
2010 Razor Pop Culture Tom Hanks Wardrobe Card
Added this card to the Entertainment side of my collection. A celebrity worn piece of clothing from one of the greatest actors of our time.
1992 Fleer Team Leaders Ken Griffey Jr
I've always loved this insert set for some reason. It's always appealed to me. If I remember they were inserted one per Fleer Rack Pack. Griffey is my favorite baseball player of all time, so for $1.75 shipped I was able to get this card.
09-10 Panini Classics Classic Combos John Stockton/Karl Malone Dual Patch
Ohhhhhhh talk about a beauty. A slick double 3 color patch of one of the greatest tandems ever to play the game. Stockton to Malone is synonymous with Utah Jazz basketball and together they led Utah to two grueling series against MJ and the Bulls. Great awesome card numbered to 25.

2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game George Blanda
Had to get a little bit of a football fix, so came across this game used jersey card of Hall of Famer George Blanda and was able to win this for $8 shipped. Not a bad price and love that it's two colored.

09-10 SP Game Used Combo Materials Dual Patch Kevin Durant/Michael Finley
Odd pairing, but cool dual patch nonetheless. Durant and the Thunder of  course gave it their all but their inexperience led to a Conference Finals loss to the veteran tested Mavs. Finley, on the other WAS Maverick basketball before Dirk came along and I always felt was one of those guys who's career will go overlooked, and he will more than likely be remembered as a nice role player on the Spurs last championship team. I hate the Spurs, but was happy that Finley was able to get his ring. He tried once more unsuccessfully with Boston last season, but at least he was able to do it once.

10-11 Panini Timeless Treasures LeBron James MVP Materials Triple Patch
LeBron has been ON FIRRRRRRRRRE in the playoffs as both he and Dirk have silenced the critics who have been critical of their clutchness and have both been the superstars of this NBA playoffs. This is a really nice numbered to 25 patch card of LeBron James as a member of the ..gulp...CAVS. Still a cool card nonetheless.


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