Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#60 92-93 Topps Stadium Club Beam Team Michael Jordan

One of the greatest basketball insert sets of all time, Stadium Club created a frenzy when they inserted these innovative cards in their series II packs in 92-93. People were scrambling like crazy to get these treasures which were inserted 1 out of 36 packs, not to terribly hard to find but since there are 21 cards in the set, the odds of getting the exact player you wanted were slim. Add to the fact the Shaq, at the height of his popularity was in the set, and you have plenty of reasons on why these cards are still coveted even today. It's a rare case where Michael Jordan is NOT the highest value card in the set, that honor of course goes to Shaq, but I'll still take Jordan as the "consolation prize" everyday of the week. Topps really couldn't replicate the success (though i also love the 93-94 design as well) of their inaugural offering and they tried modernizing in their 07-08 product by replicating the design but adding autographs and game used swatches (not a fan, it's a set that doesn't need extra bells and whistles). Still it's cool to know that a popular set like the 92-93 Beam Team set can still
compete with the big boys of today, and that's what makes for a classic
unforgettable set.

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