Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#51 08-09 UD Exquisite Prime Patches LeBron James

Here's the last card of the bottom half of the countdown. My how time flies! 50 cards down, 50 to go and trust me, there's still some sweeeeet cards left. Let's talk about #51 though, it comes from UD Exquisite, and it's a huge multi-color patch card of LeBron James.  I love huge patches, and have a similar card that I just bought in the Durant. This card features a generous two color patch of King James. Love him or hate him, he's arguably the best player in the league overall, and the way he's played in this playoff run, he's slowly but surely shedding that unclutch moniker. This card also is numbered to 50 (this one being 02/50) and it's a higher end LeBron
memorabilia card since it comes from the highest end set
UD comes out with in Exquisite. If this card is 51, what cards
could have possibly made the top 50?? We shall see!

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