Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#58 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia Lou Gehrig

I actually had a problem on my hands since I have three Gehrig Memorabilia cards but only wanted to pick 1 to represent the countdown even though it's Lou friggin Gehrig, he should be able to have as many cards as he wants, lol. Anyways I have a game used bat card, and a jersey card that is from the same set my Ty Cobb is that was #91 on the countdown. I decided to go with this basically because of one reason only....the faint pinstripe on the swatch. Though i hate the ambiguous wording on the back (at least the Threads of Time Gehrig I have states it's from a game used jersey) I'm a sucker for old Yankee game used cards with pinstripes and though it's faint, it's there, and it stands out to me as the main reason why this is my favorite Gehrig memorabilia card.


  1. You... have... three... Lou... Gehrig's...

    I've been pretty stunned by the coolness of this countdown (and this is only #58!), but that is ridiculous!

    Me want! Drool!

  2. Hahhaha, thanks! Stay tuned cause it gets better!