Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#56 2003 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star Relics Babe Ruth Bat

I don't mean to sound repetitive, but like I've said in previous posts, there are just some cards you dream of owning and never think you'll get the chance to ever own. This definitely ranks up there as one. Who would've ever thought that Babe Ruth Memorabilia would be affordable enough to buy without breaking the bank?? That's the one bright spot in the evolution of game used cards, it brought us closer to even the most iconic of all sports figures. You don't even have to follow baseball or sports in that matter to know who Babe Ruth is. The most recognizable sports figure of all time. When game used was in it's infancy I'm sure a Babe Ruth Relic card would cost upwards to $1,000 (hell ,if a Vince Carter warm up card was $400, maybe $1,000 is conservative), but as time went on, the supply of Ruth memorabilia cards went up and prices softened to the point where you can now probably pick up a Ruth card such as a bat card for under 100 bucks. Who would've thought. But for me, cards are not about the value, so I'm perfectly happy and glad Ruth became more plentiful as I
could add this gem to my collection. I absolutely love the design and look
of this particular Topps Tribute Set. It just looks like a big time card, and that it
is as it contains a piece of a game used Babe Ruth Bat. I actually bought this in 03
right around when it first came out, and for a while it was my favorite card of all time.
I remember just looking at this in amazement and thinking to myself  "I really own something
Babe Ruth used in a baseball game". It's one of those cards that left me speechless and actually
though there are #55 cards still to go, this card still is so awesome that to this day I still just shake my head
in disbelief and have to tell myself "Yes, I own this".

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