Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#63 2003 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Cal Ripken Jr.

Baseball suffered a huge setback after the 94 strike. Everyone wondered how baseball would be able to regain the popularity it once had as America's Pastime. Cal Ripken Jr, would be the one player who could regain the fans and bring them back in droves. Ripken is one of the classiest players ever to play the game. His stats are terrific, but he's primarily known for one thing. "The Streak". On September 6th, 1995 Cal Ripken did the unthinkable, by passing Lou Gehrig on the consecutive games played list. Ripken would go on to play an unbelievable 2,632 straight games, a record that I cannot see ever being broken. The card at #63 is from one of Upper Deck's higher end brands, Ultimate Collection. Ultimate Collection was the first super high end $100 per pack product, but it's loaded with awesome cards such as this one. It's numbered to only 85 copies and is an on-card autograph. Just an awesome card of a truly iconic Hall of Famer.

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