Sunday, April 10, 2011

Awesome Autographs: Gale Sayers Personalized Auto Post Card

My trip last August to Canton for the Hall Of Fame Ceremony was beyond unbelievable. To be there to see the guy that I grew up watching help lead my Cowboys to three Super Bowl Championships, Emmitt Smith, and to see the best wide receiver ever, Jerry Rice get inducted live and in person is a moment I will never ever forget. That whole weekend was the greatest experience of my sports life. I will post more related stuff to that weekend at a later date, but today we'll showcase one of my favorite autos from that weekend. Gale Sayers is one of the greatest running backs the league had ever seen. If not for injuries, no telling what he could have accomplished. Gale was there at the Hall of Fame representing his foundation and for a small donation you could get an autograph and pic with the great Chicago Bear Hall of Famer. I don't get too many chances to meet sport icons, so I jumped at the chance to not only help a good cause but meet a Hall of Famer. I love the autograph because it's personalized to me which makes it feel so much more special. It's great to pull autos out of packs, but there is nothing that beats an in person autograph. The 2nd picture is of me and Gale. This was just one awesome highlight in a weekend that full of them.

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