Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#69 09-10 SP Signature 4 Star Signature Jerry West/Slater Martin/Bill Sharman/Dave Cowens

If dual autos are sweet, how bout quad autos??? This comes from one of Upper Deck's last NBA licensed sets and it's a beauty. This card features 4 hall of famers, 3 that were named to the NBA's 50 greatest players list (Jerry West, Bill Sharman, Dave Cowens), and of course features the two teams that are the face of the NBA, Lakers and Celtics. Yes it's a sticker autograph (in fact I believe the first on my countdown) but even sticker based this card looks great. This card is also numbered to 39 copies so there aren't too many of these floating around. Many NBA fans are of  course familiar with Jerry West (aka "The Logo") as well as Sharman and Cowens, but there may be some who scratch their heads on why Slater Martin was included. Martin was part of the Minneapolis Lakers teams of the 50's that won 4 titles, so he's probably overlooked because of the era in played in. He was a great defensive player and a 7 time all star who inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982. Slater Martin is also only the second Texas Longhorn to have his jersey retired (#15). I think that more than warrants inclusion on such a star-studded card. You definitely can't beat 4 legends of basketball
on one card.

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