Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#81 04-05 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Premium Patch Ray Allen

Upper Deck created in my opinion the absolute BEST patch set when they created Premium Patches in their 04-05 Ultimate Collection product. There were TONS of nice multicolored patches and logos galore. At one point I believed I owned 9 or 10 different players. They still sell very well, I remember selling my Steve Francis for about 50 bucks last year, more the double what I paid for. I only kept 4 (I'll show the other 3 probably this weekend) but this one at #81 is my favorite one out of the 4. Ray Allen of course has had a remarkable career and this jumbo sized patch of what looks like the letter E on the front team name Seattle is such an awesome looking card.
UD would recreate premium patch insert sets in their next
few releases, but in my opinion nothing beats the original

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