Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#1 97-98 Fleer God Shammgod RC

Alright, let's cut the drama and cut to the chase, my all time #1 card in my collection is this beauty. God Shammgod was not mortal, he was a god amongst men, literally...cause that's his name. Shammgod was not only a streetball legend but tore it up with the Providence Friars as well. Shammgod was "stolen" by the Wizards with the 46th pick of the draft where he played 20 games undoubtedly being a huge difference maker when his name was called in to action. You could offer me Rookies of Mikan, Russell, Wilt, Oscar Kareem Dr J and MJ for this straight up and I'd probably laugh in your face and ban you from my blog. Yes folks, it's THAT sacred. So without further here's the card that the rest of my collection bows down to.

Oh yeah, btw APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

The real #1 still has a way to go, but #84 will be listed later on today!

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