Saturday, April 2, 2011

What was I THINKING?!?! Collecting Josh Childress

Every collector hopes to find the next big thing in any sport they collect. It's easy to target the #1 picks, the guys who are overhyped and splashed across TV and the internet 24/7, but it's also thrilling to find those under the radar guys. Guys who don't get much fanfare but have potential to be top caliber players. Josh Childress my friends, was NOT one of those guys. I wanted to believe with all my heart he was...but sadly it wouldn't come to be true. My friends always ask me, WHY Josh Childress? My answer, NO CLUE. Seriously, I don't have one valid reason, he played for Stanford, a college I don't follow, he was drafted by the Hawks, again, a middle of the road team, with not that great of a hobby following to begin with and a team I don't care about. Was it the mushroom fro??? Maybe I thought he was marketable with that awesome fro? He was taken 6th
in the draft by Atlanta, so I guess I convinced myself
something had to be there. To be fair, his stuff was never
expensive, I believe the most I ever paid for a Childress card
was 18 bucks, and it was an inscription card from SP Signature
that Josh Childress signed and inscribed "The Real Deal", but it
was pretty obvious Josh Childress was not gonna set the collecting
world on fire. I accumlated around 15 different auto'd cards of him
not to mention countless X-Fractors, Gold Refractors, etc. He wasn't
a bad player in Atlanta, but he was just average. He then played in Greece
for one year before coming back to the NBA signing with the Suns and being
relegated to bench duty. I probably could've just saved my money and bought a
nice Dwight Howard rookie card (I didn't even pick the right Hawk, Josh Smith
would've been wayyyyyyy better) but instead I thought the future was Josh Childress....
What was I THINKING!?!?

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