Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#66 92-93 Hoops Magic's All RookieTeam Shaquille O'Neal

As has been stated numerous times already, I LOVE 90's insert cards, but the cards that really are near and dear to me are Shaq rookie issued cards. I hadn't been collecting long when Shaq was drafted in 1992 and being a little kid, I was AMAZED by this giant of an athlete who had the strength to bring backboards down with one of his rim shattering dunks. Of course I wouldn't be the only one, and Shaq's first NBA cards helped fueled interest in 92-93 products. I had very limited means of income of course, having to build my collection mainly through pack busting, which was not too successful. So for most of Shaq's rookie cards, I had to sit and dream of the day I'd be able to own my "dream cards". This definitely was one of the cards I always wanted. The insert itself is nothing revolutionary, gold foil is about all that differentiates this from the base cards, but I dunno, there's just something about this card that I still love, and a lot has to do with childhood memories. These cards were inserted in packs of NBA Hoops series II at a rate of 1:30 so that aren't terribly difficult to find. Of course the premise of the set was that Magic Johnson personally picked the rookies he wanted and he would do this until 95 when Grant Hill took over as a Fleer/Skybox spokesman. This is definitely one of Shaq's more popular rookie insert cards and though it took me years to finally acquire it, I finally was able to get one of those cards I
always wanted as a kid...and it was just as awesome as I dreamed it would be.

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  1. HAve it, love it. It's in my top 100 also.Great post too. Couldn't agree more!!!