Saturday, April 30, 2011

Zach Randolph: Beast Most ACTIVATED

What else can you say about Zach Randolph against the Spurs. The guy simply turned it up a couple notches and turned in one hell of a series. Randolph had this stigma about being a selfish aloof player who was a horrible teammate and horrible to coach. A immature whiner, who only cared about personal stats. You can throw that alllllllllllll out the window, because if you watched this series, you could see it in his eyes, he cared, and he did whatever it took to win. I hope this is the kind of attitude Randolph keeps throughout the rest of his career cause if so, he has definitely turned me into a fan. The Grizzlies wanted this series so much more than the Spurs, it was very obvious throughout the series. I haven't really seen Randolph play much, since his career stops include Portland, New York(when they were baddddddd), and the Clippers, so it's not like he got national exposure much, and add Memphis to that list as well, but what I saw in this series was simply amazing. I know it's was just the 1st round, but for the Grizzlies, they got their 1st playoff win, 1st playoff home win, and 1st playoff series win and it's basically because Randolph willed himself and his teammates to get this thing done. Everytime I thought the Grizzlies would crack, they would shut me up and get right back into the game, they never quit, not once. The team as a whole played great, but it was Randolph time after time hitting clutch shots, clutch free throws, getting to the line with sheer force, and if it wasn't for him, game 5 would've been a blowout for the Spurs, and we would be looking at a Game 7 in San Antonio. The only Randolph card I have in my collection is this autograph from 01-02 Topps Pristine. I bought this years ago when Zach was first coming up in Portland. A dealer at a local card show had a $3 bin, and remember picking this up, thinking it was worth the risk, as it was only $3. Of course, the card got forgotten about until now, and now it seems like this $3 gamble really paid off!

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