Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#70 03-04 SP Signature Edition Alumni Associates Reggie Miller/Bill Walton

An autographed card is awesome, a dual autograph card is even better. 03-04 was the first year Upper Deck came out with SP Signature Edition for basketball. The 1 auto per pack wasn't anything new, it'd had already been done numerous times, but Upper Deck's inaugural basketball offering happened to coincide with Lebron James rookie year making it a really big hit. There are numerous awesome cards throughout the set as shown with this card at #70. I love this card on so many levels. One, it's on-card of course, two it features one hall of famer and one sure to be hall of famer (how Reggie Miller did not make the Hall of Fame this year is beyond me), and I love
the theme, taking two greats from UCLA and pairing
them together for an awesome dual autograph. Bill Walton
was a beast in the 70's and who knows just how dominant
he would've been if not for injuries. He still managed to lead the
the Trail Blazers to a title and was the 6th man for the Celtics for
their 86 Championship. He also was named one of the 50 greatest
NBA players in 96 during the NBA's 50th anniversary. Reggie Miller of
course is more modern, and many know of his clutch performances throughout
his career. Reggie also doesn't have a lot of certified autographs out there, so
that makes this card even more great. I think a sweet update of this card would be
a Quad UCLA auto of Kareem, Walton, Reggie, and Russell Westbrook. Hey, I can
dream right??

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