Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#65 92-93 Hoops Draft Redemption Shaquille O'Neal

We'll stay with the Shaq Rookie Card Insert theme with card #65 on the countdown, another card that I had wanted for years, Shaq's Hoops Draft Redemption card. This card was part of a 10 card Draft Redemption set that you could receive by pulling the exchange card and sending it in. The exchange card was a tough pull out of 92-93 Hoops Series One, at 1:360 packs, but those who were lucky enough were rewarded with one of Shaq's earliest cards. It's crazy to see how young Shaq looks here, even crazier that Shaq just finished his 19th season in the league. Everything I said about the Magic's All Rookie Team insert applies here as well, as this is a card that brings back so many memories about hunting down Shaq cards. Definitely a classic in my collection.

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