Monday, May 27, 2013

My Top 6 Favorite Baseball Starting Lineup Figures (Non Ken Griffey Jr Pieces)

It's been a while, but I counted down but favorite non Cowboy football pieces, now here's my top baseball pieces sans Griffey who will get his countdown at a later date.

1989 Baseball Greats Hank Aaron/Eddie Mathews
A precursor to Classic Doubles, these came even before my time that I collect starting lineups. I did remember a store in our local mall carried these and of course had these for outrageous prices. I picked this up on Ebay a few years ago and it's in pretty decent shape for it's age. I would love to pick up the entire set. Love the packaging, design, and player selection. Can't go wrong with this dangerous Braves duo.

1996 Derek Jeter FP
Personal preference, maybe if I was a hardcore Yankee fan this would be #1, and I'm sure the ones below this pale in comparison considering this is a rookie piece of arguably one of the most important Yankees of all time, but honestly, it's the only reason I ranked it. The piece is rather....boring. I's a boring batting pose to me. It was a super difficult piece to find, and this was an Ebay purchase a year or two ago. Still the importance of the piece is enough to make the countdown.

1997 Classic Doubles Cy Young/Greg Maddux
Classic em. Combine Cy Young with one of the most dominant pitchers of the 90's and you got yourself a winner. I never found this at a store while I was initially collecting. Had to buy this off Ebay years later.

1995 Cal Ripken Commemorative Streak Figure
Commemorating one of the most impressive streaks in sports history, this piece was pretty popular back in the day. I love the piece as it showcases Ripken in the uniform he wore on the very first game of his streak. I was a kid while Ripken broke "The Streak" so it brings back great memories of what was such a great record.

1989 Baseball Greats Mickey Mantle/Joe Dimaggio
Fun Fact. When I was a kid, my mom actually bought me the loose versions of these figures at a garage sale. Naturally of course I played with them and rendered them valueless. It wasn't until many years later that I would reacquire this back, this time still in package. I bought this together with the Aaron/Mathews. It's Mantle/DiMaggio. Enough Said.

Team Of The 90's: The Best Players of the Decade
In my opinion, hands down, THE BEST set EVER made. Yes the steriods scandal eventually damaged this decade, but still, it is what it is. This was MY decade. The decade I grew up in. The players I grew up with. Piazza, A-Rod, Griffey, Gwynn, Maddux, McGwire, Alomar, Ripken, Bonds. I hunted for their SLU's, I collected their cards, I played video games wanting to use these players, i watched their SportsCenter highlights. I believe if I recall this was based on fan votes but I'm not 100% sure on that. I love multi player sets and man did Hasbro hit a Grand Slam with this one. Honestly I can say, it's probably #1 overall out of my whole SLU  collection.


  1. These are so classic! The Tony Gwynn and Robbie Alomar in that "Team of the 90's" Set are amazing, wish I had a few of these all i have are the mcfarlane figures. Love the blog btw been following for a minute check mine out feel free to join the site.

  2. You know me and my love for SLU's... and I can honestly say, I've never seen that Team of the 90's set. That is flippin' sweet. Headed to eBay to see if I can find one of these.

  3. Yeah the Team of the 90's I believe was a collector's club exclusive or something like that where the fans voted on who the wanted represented. Definitely a cool set to own!

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