Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #2 2001 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Babe Ruth Jersey

We're down to the final two cards and yes here's a familiar face as this is the 3rd Babe Ruth card in the top 10 (4th in top 15). Ho Hum just another Babe Ruth jersey card right? No, not to me, this is my favorite Ruth jersey card out of all my Babe Ruth memorabilia cards because it's the oldest and also because of this
I always loved the older Donruss memorabilia cards because they show a picture of the actual jersey they cut up to put put in their cards. It's a lost art nowadays (hell, you don't even get what the swatch actually is a piece of anymore) and to me it makes older game used cards much more desirable than their modern day counterparts. That leaves one card left on the countdown, if Babe is #2 who could possibly be #1???? You'll find out soon as the countdown is very close to reaching it's finale!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sports Cards and Memories Salute to Lance Berkman and the St. Louis Cardinals

I'll admit, I'm not exactly thrilled the way the World Series ended for the Rangers. Though I'm not a hardcore fan, more of a casual fan, I was pulling for Texas because my best friend is a huge fan of theirs, and I wanted them to win it for him. I'll tell you what though, this World Series pulled me more than any other series I've ever seen. That game 6 was unbelievable, I've never seen such a game in my life in  any sport. Though the Rangers lost, I always like to see superstars who've played for years get their first ring. For example, Dirk beating the Heat was so awesome and satisfying, because for stars, unfairly or fairly you are measured by championships, and finally nabbing one put Dirk up there as officially one of the NBA's best.
Lance Berkman's 1997 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card

That was the case with Lance Berkman. He played so many years with the Houston Astros, he got his chance in 05, but the Stros got swept by the White Sox. Last year, Berkman had a horrible year and was traded to the Yankees where he had a less than stellar stint there. Signs were pointing to his decline, but he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals in the offseason to play outfield. Many thought this was nuts, but Berkman proved his doubters wrong and was a valuable part of the St. Louis Cardinals Lineup. He returned the All Star Game and helped lead the Cardinals to an improbable playoff run and eventually the World Series. His contributions in the World Series were invaluable, he came up clutch hits and last night he  got to hoist up that World Series trophy for the first time in his career.
  My In Person Autograph of Lance Berkman. Got this at a Card Show in San Antonio where he was one of the free players signing. Had no idea who he was at the time, just thought eh why not free auto! 

The card above is an in person autograph I got of Berkman at a small card show in San Antonio. He was one of athletes signing for free and if memory serves me correct he was still in the minors at the time. I had no clue who he was, I just got it cause it was free and I wasn't gonna turn down a free autograph! The cool thing about the show was I was flipping through some cards there was a couple beside me looking for some rookie cards of their son. They happened to be Lance Berkman's parents. I always thought that was pretty cool and it's something I'll never forget. So congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and most importantly to Lance Berkman for finally getting his championship. Hopefully in the future, I can say the same about the Rangers because I have feeling they'll be a fixture in the playoffs for years to come!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alarming Story about Possible Fake Memorabilia being used in Cards

I was looking at the Game Used Universe Message Boards and came across this story

The scary thing is that some of these crooks actually sold doctored jerseys to card companies who bought them under the assumption that they were real, and inserted them into their cards. This is horrible news for collectors and now feeds in to the beliefs many have, that memorabilia cards were sketchy and fake. I don't know what's going to happen now, the article doesn't state specific jerseys that were faked and sold to the card companies, but now one has to wonder how much confidence collectors will have in buying game used cards of anybody now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #3 06-07 SP Signature Edition SP Signatures Michael Jordan

To me one of the ultimate goals a basketball collector can achieve is to obtain an autograph of the greatest basketball player that ever lived. Nowadays, Upper Deck has made it pretty easy with it's barrage of college themed sets and don't get me wrong, any MJ autograph is awesome and should be a treasure of one's collection, but to me the ultimate goal would be to obtain an autograph featuring MJ in his Chicago Bulls threads, like this card shown here at #3. The only thing that could possibly make this card better is if it were on card instead of a sticker autograph, but nonetheless this is a sweet autograph of Jordan. I grew up with MJ, he's the one who initially got me into basketball, and he was so larger than life, and I never thought I'd ever own an autograph of him. Luckily as Upper Deck made more and more autographs of him (I know some people cringe about that notion that UD is diluting the MJ Autograph market) they became more affordable and that's how I was able to add this beauty. Besides the sticker autograph, the only other reason this tops out at #3 is that I have a UDA certified autographed framed 8X10 photo of Jordan as well. It's in a Washington Wizards uniform, but the autograph is nice and crisp and done in silver pen, and that was my first MJ auto ever so autograph wise that's my favorite. But we're talking about cards here, and my 2nd favorite Jordan autograph happens to my 3rd favorite card out of my whole collection. Not a bad consolation prize I'd say!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

McFarlane EBay Auctions ending tonight including Pujols World Series Trophy Chase

This week's round of McFarlane Figures Auctions ends tonight. You can check em out here

Got some good ones going including the Albert Pujols silver chase piece that includes a replica World Series Trophy. It's numbered to 1000 pieces. I also have a Ray Allen in his Celtics uniform, a Kobe, A Lou Gehrig sepia tone painted chase piece and more. Here are the pics of this weeks auctions.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awesome You Tube Video: Dallas Mavericks: Journey to the Top

To say my best friend Kenny Bybee is a diehard Mavericks, Rangers, Cowboys fan would be the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY.  He lives and breathes these teams, and ever since he was a kid, he's been through all the ups and downs of these organizations. I think for the Mavs and Rangers though, it's much more sweeter, because unlike the Cowboys, who when we were born, already had a winning pedigree, the Mavs and Rangers struggled for years to become relevant teams in their respective sports. Instead of being the typical Bulls fan during MJ's peak, or Magic fan cause of Shaq, or a Braves fan in baseball, Kenny stuck with his teams, good or bad, (and admittedly mostly bad) and never gave up on them. We used to always crack jokes when he'd wear his red Rangers Juan Gonzalez T-Shirt or when he tried to convince us just how good Dirk was really going to be. Hell, I traded some Dirk rookies just to get some common Penny Hardaway insert cards, and I thought he was the sucker at the time! All those years of heartbreak, ridicule, anger, frustration, are all over because the Mavericks and Rangers ARE WINNERS. This past couple years has seen the Rangers advance to back to back World Series and the Mavs do the unthinkable and complete the greatest playoff I have ever seen in my life. Beating a very good Blazers team, Lakers, Thunder, and eventually the Heat to win their first ever NBA Title. For a guy who started out cheering for guys like Doug Smith, Roy Tarpley and Triple J Ranch, it couldn't be sweeter. Hopefully the Rangers can pull off the World Series win this year as well. Anyways sorry for the long spiel, I just wanted you to know the guy behind the video I want to showcase, and how much hard work and dedication he put in to this. It's very very awesome and if you're an NBA fan you will love this video. It's long but welllllll worth the view. Kenny, you did an awesome job with this man, and it would be my honor to showcase this video in my blog. Without further ado the Dallas Mavericks: Journey to the Top

Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #4 1992 Pro Line Portraits Muhammad Ali Autograph

Here at #4 is an autograph of not only a sports icon, but a cultural icon. Muhammad Ali. This comes from the same set as the Walter Payton autograph I have which was earlier on the list. The auto, like the Payton, is on the back of the card, which of course is unusual but common throughout this set. It of course has the official certified autograph seal to ensure it's authenticity. Before Leaf started making Ali cards earlier this year, this one of the few Ali certified autographs out there. There's also a version where he signed Cassius Clay, which is harder and more expensive than this one. Nonetheless, this is an autograph I will treasure for the rest of my life, a true icon that transcended sports at a controversial time in American History. Muhammad Ali was and always will be one of the greatest of all time.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #5 61-62 Fleer Oscar Robertson RC

OK, so now we've entered the cream of the crop. We are down to the final 5 of my countdown. 95 cards have come and gone but now is where it gets really good and here at #5 is the rookie card of one of the greatest players ever to play in Oscar Robertson. "The Big O"'s accolades include being a 12 time All Star, rookie of the year, 9 time All NBA First Team, an MVP award in 1964, and NBA Champion with Kareem in 1971, one of the 50 greatest NBA players and I can go on and on. The one thing though that stands out of all his impressive accomplishments is averaging a triple double for an ENTIRE SEASON. That's beyond crazy, but if anyone was capable of doing that it was Robertson.  This is from the legendary 61 Fleer set that includes rookie cards of some of the greatest of all time. Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West are just a couple names who's first cards are in this set. Of course I can't forget Robertson, who made his debut here as well. It's amazing looking rookie card and definitely a must have for any ones basketball collection. Robertson helped paved the way for today's stars and this card is definitely a pioneer in basketball trading cards. Fleer wouldn't produce basketball cards again until the famous 86 set, but despite no releases between those years, this 61 set and the 86 set are two of the most important basketball releases of all time. Just a beauty of a card to own.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Calvin Johnson has been flat out AMAZING this season. 9 TD's in 5 games is absurd, video-game like. I'm sure most receivers would take 9 TD's in an entire season! I know firsthand the greatness of Calvin after he helped destroy my Cowboys in that embarrassing comeback win at Cowboys Stadium. Whether it was three defenders in the end zone or just sad pathetic Terrence Newman, Calvin caught both TD's with ease. Calvin has always been a threat, but he's never fully reached his potential...until now that is. I picked up this card during Calvin's rookie season. It's a Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Freshman Fabrics Card. Not only does it contain pieces of event worn jersey, helmet, and football, but also Calvin's sig. Really nice card numbered to 50 (mine is #1/50, how bout that!) and definitely a card I'm glad I own, especially right now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #6 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White Babe Ruth Pants

I know I know Babe Ruth again....what can I say?? I love me some Babe Ruth Memorabilia cards! This was actually my very first Babe Ruth material card I ever bought. I had a game used bat card of The Babe, but I never thought game used pants or jerseys would be affordable, but sooner or later they did indeed become affordable. I think the Mirror Parallels out of Leaf Certified are some of the best looking cards made. The scan does this card no justice, it really looks slick. Also I like the fact that I see some stitching on the swatch of the pants. Very cool indeed. This is also numbered to a mere 25 copies (mine being 14/25). Add all those factors up and there's no doubt that this card deserves to be ranked where it's at!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #7 2003 Sweet Spot Classics Sweet Spot Pinstripes Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth strikes again here at #7. Unlike the jersey swatch at #14 this is actually a piece of game used Ruth pants. A couple reasons why I like this card more than the Ruth Jersey. For once it's a larger swatch than the Prime Cuts jersey, and the second reason is that famous Yankee pinstripe located at the end of the swatch. Yep as small as it is, a Babe Ruth pants swatch with a pinstripe is the main reason I like this card more than the jersey swatch. I also like the overall design and look of the card. Very sleek and nice. I never thought in my life I'd be actually ranking multiple Babe Ruth memorabilia cards in my collection, hell I never thought I'd own one period. It's a tough job, but a job I'll gladly take!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

McFarlane EBay Auctions ending tonight including Rare Tom Brady Throwback Chase and Prince Fielder Auto Chase

 If you're a McFarlane collector, then you should definitely check out my auctions that end tonight. I've decided to sell off my collection and each week I'll be putting some up for auction. This week I have the Tom Brady AFL throwback chase piece numbered to 1000 and the Prince Field Gold Level Autographed Case Piece numbered to 400. I also got others including Lou Gehrig, Adrian Peterson, Walter Payton and more. Check em out here at

Here are the pics

Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #8 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Debut Game Bat Shoeless Joe Jackson

Shoeless Joe Jackson, infamously known as being part of the Black Sox scandal of 1919, was also a top notch baseball in his era. Though he will always be remembered as being part of the White Sox team that was paid to fix the World Series, he was a trememdous player and still has the 3rd highest batting average in Major League history at .356. This is a pretty historic card as it's Shoeless Joe's first (and for a while only) game used memorabilia card. This card features a piece of a game used Shoeless Joe bat. I often wondered how they could include Shoeless Joe Jackson, since like Pete Rose, he's been banned from Major League Baseball and this was a MLB licensed set. Years later, Donruss/Panini would include Shoeless Joe bat cards in their products, but in my opinion nothing beats the original. Such a nice simple design, and definitely a card that just can't be replicated.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #9 70-71 Topps Pete Maravich RC

If there was 1 player I wish I had a chance to watch, it would be Pistol Pete Maravich. Maravich was a dazzling guard way ahead of his time. At least I can see highlights of his jaw dropping passing and dribbling skills, not to mention he's one of the greatest college scorers of all time. Here at #9 is Pistol Pete's 1970 Topps RC. Topps for the 2nd straight year went with the Tallboy design. Luckily I bought a graded version and though it's graded low, the grade doesn't affect my appreciation and love for this card. Like the Bird/Magic rookie, this is another awesome vintage rookie card of a Hall of Famer and Top 50 NBA Player of All Time.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection #10 80-81 Topps Larry Bird/Julius Erving/Magic Johnson

Basketball is my favorite sport so I tend to favor my basketball cards over the other major sports. That's why a rookie card of Reggie Jackson or Walter Payton might not mean just as must as a key basketball rookie card of similar stature.  To me this has to be one of the coolest rookie cards ever created. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will always be intertwined in basketball history. From college to the pros and the teams they represented (Celtics-Lakers), those two will be forever linked. So it's very fitting that they should also be linked on their rookie card, and Topps made sure that happened in it's 80-81 set. Topps decision to make 3 "mini-cards" into 1 card, created this legendary combination. The Bird/Erving/Magic is the most popular and definitive card of the set and despite Bird and Magic both appearing on other different combination cards, this is the one considered the true rookie card. I also think it's fitting that Dr. J is part of this card, kind of like a "oh yeah, we'll just add more hall of fame power by putting Dr. J in between these two". The result is one of the most iconic basketball rookie cards ever made. It's a card that as a basketball fan I just had to own, and I'm very proud to showcase this card here. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of my top ten favorite cards of all time.