Saturday, May 11, 2019

Owning Your Boss' Autograph Rookie Card

I guess I had never posted about this, as it did happen before I officially got back into collection. Since then I've also changed jobs, but Fuji over at Chronicles of Fuji's post about owning a card of his best friend, inspired me to post my experience of owning a card of someone I knew as well. My old boss at my previous employer was a minor league baseball player and he indeed did have a card made of him. I've copied and pasted the story that I shared on Blowout Cards Message Board at the time so here it is.

"So I work in the Finance Department of a major convenience store and my boss had mentioned before how he had a brief minor league baseball career. I remember asking him once if he had a baseball card and he said that indeed he did. I had always meant to try to find it, but stuff happens and I put it off until last week when I finally decided to google it. Lo and behold he did. He played for the Miami Marlins in the mid 80's and has a 1986 Procards card. I was actually able to find the team set on Ebay and decided to surprise him and have him sign it for me. I took it in yesterday and the look on his face was priceless. He was almost embarrassed, and gave me this big smile and a "I can't believe you really went out and bought one" look but I was like "hey, I think it's really cool to have your own baseball card". It was fun and became the topic of the day at work. Lo and behold here it Greg Wallace Autograph "Rookie Card""

Saturday, May 4, 2019

April Maildays

So unlike March's 25 card pickup bonanza, I only picked up 4 cards in April. is a holy grail so quality definitely makes up for quantity. Here's what I got for the month of April.

2016-17 Upper Deck Euroleague Luka Doncic Patterned Rainbow
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Here's what I like about this card. It's a "pre" rookie of sorts as it predates his rookie cards by 2 years and it's an Upper Deck Basketball card of Luka. And no..not one of those posed photos in street clothes, an honest to goodness basketball card. That's because Upper Deck produced Euroleague Basketball cards in 2016-17 and Luka was playing in the league at the time. One of the more unique Lukas to own. This is a parallel and he actually does have autos in the set as well (albeit Stickers)

2009-10 Topps Stephen Curry RC BGS 9
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The 2009-10 basketball card season is such a weird season to me for numerous reasons. First of all, I was nearing the end of my first run of collecting, 2nd it was a transition year as Panini had outbid Topps and Upper Deck to become the sole producer of NBA cards. Topps put out one final product before losing their license and it was the flagship brand (mixed with Topps Chrome as well). This stuff IS EXPENSIVE in the secondary market. Admittedly the rookies are pretty bland, non action shots, but it's one of the rare non Panini rookies that you can get. I just wanted a Steph rookie since I had none, and settled for this one. It wasn't outrageously priced (Around $150) and it'll do for now. I'd love his Chrome numbered to 999 but graded copies sell for $1000 or more so it might be a while before I add one of those.

2018-19 Certified Freshman Fabric Gold Luka Doncic Auto/Patch (#10/10)
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I'm a sucker for gold and even though it's a sticker auto, I still fell in love with the look of this card. I actually have the Lonnie Walker IV version of this that I pulled. Luka's stuff has kind come down a smidge so while this would've broken the bank a couple months ago. I felt I got it for a relatively good price. I'm hoping Luka stuff dips a little bit as the hobby awaits Zion Williamson, that why I can pick up some more stuff. This is definitely a good start.

and finally...a definite holy grail

1998-99 Topps Chrome Refractors Dirk Nowitzki RC BGS 8.5
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I have been wanting this card FOREVER. I would just never see it on auction and my attempts to buy this on Ebay via Buy It Now/Best Offer always failed because sellers always wanted way more than this card usually goes for. I FINALLY saw an auction for one and was determined to win it. There was no doubt in my mind I was going to win it and lo and behold I did. I always wanted a Dirk cornerstone card in my collection and I got one. Fitting it would be in the year of his retirement. So awesome to be able to check this off the wish list.

And that's it for April!