Friday, November 18, 2016

Box Breaks: 2 Boxes of 2016-17 Prizm Basketball

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This wasn't part of my Black Friday Splurge, this was actually a preorder that finally came in this week. You know me and Prizm, had to get my fix of this year's edition. Thankfully I preordered this stuff because it went up to $150 a box which is ABSURD. So how'd it go? Here are the results

Box 1

Only Notable Base Rookie was Buddy Hield

Sky's The Limit
John Wall
Zach Lavine
Russell Westbrook Ruby Wave

All Day

Steph Curry

Go Hard or Go Home
Lebron James
Jimmy Butler
Gordon Hayward Purple Prizm (#10/75)

Jimmy Butler
Damian Lillard Silver Prizm
Klay Thompson Blue Wave (#70/99)

First Step
James Harden

Silver Prizms
Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook
Kyle Lowry
Eric Gordon
Nikola Pekovic
Enes Kanter
Jonathon Simmons
Cole Aldrich
Bradley Beal
Markieef Morris
Michael Gbinje RC

Ruby Wave Prizm
Serge Ibaka
J.J. Barea
Alonze Gee

Blue Wave Prizm
Dion Waiters (#82/99)
Boban Marjanovic (#02/99)
Thaddeus Young (#73/99)

Purple Prizm
James Harden (#56/75)
Doug McDermott (#15/75)

Orange Prizm
Georgios Papagiannis RC (#40/49) (Ugh)

Mojo Prizm
Aaron Harrison (#8/25) (of course it has to be one of the worst players in the set)

Caris LeVert
Jake Layman

Box 2

A duplicate rookie of Buddy Hield and that is seriously the best rookie card i Simmons, Ingram, Brown, Dunn, Murray in either boxes

Go Hard or Go Home

Kyrie Irving
Giannis Antetokounmpo

First Step

Andrew Wiggins
Reggie Jackson Silver Prizm

All Day
John Wall

Kawhi Leonard

Sky's The Limit

Mason Plumlee
Andrew Wiggins
Lebron James Ruby Wave
Zach Lavine Purple (#70/75)
Zach Lavine Orange (#38/49)

Silver Prizms
JJ Redick
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
J.R. Smith
Nicolas Batum
Deyonta Davis RC
Khris Middleton
Brandan Wright
Jahlil Okafor
Dwyane Wade
Hassan Whiteside
Channing Frye
Jordan Mickey

Ruby Wave Prizms
Kristaps Porzingis
Paul George
Jose Calderon

Blue Wave Prizms
Kristaps Porzingis
Damian Lillard
Jamal Crawford

Purple Prizms
Rashad Vaughn (#33/75)
Courtney Lee (#18/75)

Orange Prizms
Dirk Nowitzki (#20/49)

Mojo Prizms
Mo Williams (#2/25) (Jeez I mean I guess it's a step up from Aaron Harrison...)

Mario Hezonja
Joel Bolomboy

Overall Thoughts: I'm not going to do a pros and cons on this because honestly the only pro is I like the cards themselves both inserts and bases. My problem with this is my problem with MOST Panini products. The VALUE SUCKS. This is such a gross, disgusting, pathetic break that it pissed me off beyond belief. The purpose of ripping boxes is the excitement of what you can hit. It's really hard to get excited when it's just crap after crap. And again COLLATION sucks..I only bought two boxes and doubled up on a bunch of crappy rookies and I only pulled one decent rookie, Buddy Hield, out of two boxes (pulled him twice). That's simply inexcusable. The Mojo Parallels were jokes (c'mon throw a BONE with these..give me at least a DAMN ALL STAR...Andrew Harrison and Mo Williams...I understand it's a 300 card base set, HOWEVER, it's like I said..there HAS TO BE BALANCE...if the auto's are going to suck...make the parallels worth STILL won't cover the price of this shit, but man, why does there have to be 40 shithole boxes for every 1 great one? Why is there never any balance with these? You either do great, or you completely lose your ass and literally get $5 dollars worth of cards. It's frustrating and it's no wonder people stay away from opening stuff unless it's in group breaks. I know the common sense thing is to just buy singles, but that can get boring sometimes (plus on a side note, the amount of auctions has significantly dwindled since I last collected, seems most people are too scared to sell to low and go the buy it now or best offer route and then ask for ridiculous prices.) it's much more fun to pull a great card. The problem is, these boxes are completely one way or the other, there is NO MIDDLE....EVER and of course 8 times out of 10...the boxes will SUCK. I feel ripped off paying $110 for this...there's NO WAY I'd ever pay $150! This isn't a $150 product and dumping some shitty ass sticker autos doesn't make it that way. The autographs are an absolute JOKE. Two guys that'll probably be in the D-League most of their career a rookie who probably won't get minutes, and a 2nd year "veteran" who's been uninspiring so far. And they aren't even's just plain ass base autos with stickers. Just aggravating. One of the reasons Prizm is expensive is the inclusion of two auto's a box, but the checklist is so shit that these cards make a $75-80 product AT THE MOST a $110-150 for a couple of autographs that you can't even sell for A DOLLAR. This is supposed to be a hobby for fun and really doesn't feel like it when opening this stuff. At it's current price point I will NEVER recommend this stuff. If it gets down to around 85 than MAYBE but $100 and up? NOPE. Here's a sample of the cards I got. 

 photo 20161117_121457_zpsiofjmteb.jpg 
 photo 20161117_121612_zpsfnm0e1bw.jpg 
 photo 20161117_122321_zpscagtna1e.jpg 
 photo 20161117_125334_zpsbxrsa3en.jpg 
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 photo 20161117_131908_zpssxpjo6v1.jpg 
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  1. That break hurt to watch, and I wasn't even the one losing money on it. Prizm just doesn't have the value it needs. I think I'd much rather bust a box of Donruss or Hoops.

  2. I'd be happy to have gotten what you got. Getting duplicates is frustrating, and Panini has a history of getting the same cards in order pack after pack, but the cards you posted all look good to me.

  3. Yeah,the duplicates thing is really infuriating especially since I've never had the luxury of getting duplicate cards that are actually good. This break though is terrible, no sugarcoating around it..there are some decent cards I pulled but at $150 a pop ($110 for me, but it's up to $150 now) it's a total bloodbath. Like I said, I don't like making it strictly about dollars, I know the risks opening wax, but it's pretty ridiculous to spend $100+ on products that literally deliver 1/10th of that value more times than not. Prizm, to me, should be a $75-$85 mid end product...not double that. Prizm's always been compared to Topps Chrome, and I don't remember Chrome ever being $100 or more initially, unless a rookie class explodes later and the price jumps. It's hard to be happy when you spend $220 on product and get literally 4 worthless autographs (which is one of the reasons Panini justifies the suggested retail price, the "guaranteed autos" where 80% of the checklist sucks)and terrible low numbered parallels. Sure, there were a couple of nice non numbered prizms, but overall it's not even close to the justification of the price point. Like I said, box breaking is big gamble, I don't expect every box or every 2 boxes etc to break even or even have value more than the price, but we as collectors shouldn't also expect to pull $10-$20 worth of cards out of $150 dollar boxes. There has to be some kind of balance, and I just rarely see it nowadays. It's totally boom or bust with nothing in between