Thursday, February 28, 2019

Awesome Luka Doncic Autographed Framed Picture Mailday!

So Luka Doncic has been nothing short of amazing his rookie year with the Mavs. The future is looking bright for them as it seems like Dirk Nowitzki is "passing the torch" so to speak as it's clear Luka has the potential to be the face of this franchise for years to come. Combine that with the trade for Kristaps Porzingis, who's recovering from an ACL injury, but has ENORMOUS potential as well, and I really look forward to seeing how this team does next season. Luka's autograph rookie cards are obviously expensive..and there's also controversy surrounding them regarding whether or not he or someone else have signed most of his cards. There are admittedly variances between the autos that raise questions. I'm really hoping that's all they are, variances especially since I've pulled two Luka autos myself and both are in the "questionable" category. Luka signed an autograph deal with Fanatics and I decided that I wanted more than just a card and something I can trust to be 100% authentic. I chose an autograph framed photo. The photo was signed by Luka during the All Star Weekend break. It came in yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Just a great piece and the pics don't do it justice. Love the big blue sig and love how it displays overall! A great new piece to add to my collection!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

This Ol' Box Part IV

I haven't done an installment of This Ol' box since September so for those who don't remember the idea for this running series, I initially collected from 1991 till about 2011 before deciding to sell off most of my collection to focus on Game Used Memorabilia. This box contains the remains of my original collection. For one reason or another these are the cards that I didn't sell from my first go around with cards. I thought it'd be fun to look at what's inside and see what I kept and why I kept it. This is part #4 so here we go!

2010 Panini Pro Football Hall Of Fame Collector's Set Class of 2010

I'm showing these off as a group since it's set, and there's an easy explanation for still having this set. I bought this set AT the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. In 2010, when Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice got induced into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, my Parents and I decided to make the trip to Canton to go see them get inducted, mainly for Emmitt because me and my dad are die hard Cowboys fans. It was the most amazing sports experience I've ever had. I don't get opportunities to go out much and I've only been to a handful of Pro Basketball, Football and Baseball games, but this experience was the absolute best. We went all out, getting autograph vouchers for a ton of Hall of Famers, going to all the events, the Hall itself which is so damn AWESOME and of course the topper the actual induction ceremony itself which is surreal. Words simply can't describe. Anyways this was just one of many momentos I kept from that awesome trip. On a lesser note another cool reason we went was John Randle was inducted as well. Randle went to school and Texas A&I (now A&M) Kingsville which is really close to where my parents grew up. Unfortunately, I also found out what a complete JERK Randle is, but that's a story for another day.

1997 Upper Deck Diamond Vision Anfernee Hardaway
Ah a kid I probably bought this card because of the super cool motion video technology. A nice little clip of Hardaway completely a breakaway dunk. Diamond Vision were Video Cards that UD created in 1997. I don't remember exactly how much a "pack" (I wanna say it was one card packs) was, but I bought mine at a card show for like $8-$10. I believe Topps did a similar set like this as well for Baseball. I kept because it's just a cool card of my favorite player of all time and I knew selling it for a couple bucks wasn't worth the trade off of just keeping it.

2000 Sage HIT Baron Davis Auto
One of those "the story is better than the card itself" situation. The reason I remember this card so much is because I bought it at the last ever local card show we ever had. I don't mean last card show in Corpus Christi, which we are suburb of, I mean of my little town of Calallen. It was held at a local Mexican Restaurant as the owner was huge into sports cards and memorabilia at the time. Once upon a time in the good ol days of the 90's, our little town supported 3 card shops at once. Today...there's one in the entire city and card shows?!'s been probably 15 years or so. I bought this card for $5 as Baron Davis was coming off a nice rookie season and since this was from a lesser college themed brand (which I am SUPRISED STILL EXISTS TODAY..THEYS TILL HAVE SAGE AND HIT RELEASES FOR FOOTBALL!) which meant airbrushed photos, it was just a cheap way to add a hot young player like Baron Davis' auto in my collection. I kept it because I knew I wouldn't get more than a buck for it, but now I'm definitely glad I did, as it represents the last remnants of Shows and Shops in my little hometown. 

2005-06 UD Trilogy Signs of Stardom Dorell Wright
Simple explanation why I bought it. A cheap Ebay Purchase of a guy who went from High School to the Pros and might have some potential. Newsflash: It didn't work out. Wright had an unremarkable yet steady 12 year career in the NBA and is actually still playing in Europe. This card wasn't worth listing so I just kept it

2003-04 SP Authentic Leandro Barbosa Autograph Rookie Card (#1052/1250)
Barbosa had a pretty solid NBA Career, winning a championship with the Golden State Warriors at the end of it. He won 6th Man of The Year one year and was also a pretty good scorer throughout his career. I figured he was worth having an auto rookie of so I bought one off Ebay. I could probably sell for a few bucks if I wanted to, but eh, I figured it's part of the "original collection" so I'll keep it that way.

1997-98 Skybox Premium Ron Mercer Autograph RC
This card is the most mysterious card is my entire collection. The story is wayyyyy better than the card itself. Mercer was actually a pretty solid prospect coming in the NBA and was the #6 pick overall by the Boston Celtics (who also took Chauncey Billups at #3) and had a great rookie season culminating by making the All NBA Rookie 1st team. His stuff actually sold real well and I remember pulling his Chrome Rookie Card and it was a  $40 at the time 3rd to only Keith Van Horn and Tim Duncan (even at the time he was worth more than Tracy McGrady). He had a couple nice scoring seasons but eventually became a journeyman and faded away in 2005. Anyways, the story of this card. So I can remember the exact year, but Target had this autograph basketball repacks that was $4.99 and guaranteed you I believe 2 autos. The reason these became sooooo popular is because people were finding CRAZY stuff in them. I vividly remember people pulling old Autographics of SUPERSTARS in these things with some people even pulling the 1992-93 Ultra Scottie Pippen Career Highlights Autographs. They were flying off shelfs like hotcakes. I managed to only find 2 of the repacks at my local Target at the time and I didn't get anything special. I did get this card which...remains a mystery to this day. You see..this Mercer has the Skybox Seal but the origins of the cards are totally unknown. On it's face it's basically just an auto base rookie..but, nowhere can you find where this card exists. There's no checklist, there's no set, no mention of a set like this and everyone I've asked has never heard of it. It's pretty crazy. I have no idea what this card actually is. There's a good chance that the company who did the repacks basically bought a ton of Fleer's inventory (that's ll you could get in these repacks, Fleer stuff) and maybe this was a card that was never actually released in the market for whatever reason.  So much intrigue for such a mediocre card. I've kept it just because of it's uniqueness. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Box Breaks: 3 Boxes of 2018 FOTL Select Football

So last weekend was the absolute WORST time I've ever had in breaking stuff since I've gotten back into collecting. I was so pissed off, I didn't bother to recap my horrible 3 box Prizm break that capped off the crappiest weekend of all time. It was so bad, I really did think about calling it quits again. I'll say it again, breaking boxes/cases is a risk..more times than not it's a money losing endeavor and I'm 100% fine with that. What I'm not fine with is total annihilation. I'll give you an example. My Revolution Hobby Case..I doubt I came to close to breaking even there, but I still pulled a Luka Doncic on card auto. At least I have SOMETHING to show for it. There should be 0 excuse for a case to NOT have some kind of case hit that at least salvages a little bit of your break. I got...NOTHING of the sort in the Optic break. When you literally break the worst Optic break you can break, it frustrates to the point of wanting to quit. It did wake me up and though and make me realize that I gotta stop throwing so much money out of the window. Does it mean I'm never breaking again? No..of course does mean though I'm going to do my best to scale back. I'm not going to go after every product (like Crown Royale) out there. I'm going to stick with FOTL products (if I can get my hands on them) for sure, but I'm definitely cutting back down on my breaks. So this break, might be the last break of the month honestly. There's nothing on the horizon I'm interested in. It's FOTL..but it's Football. I haven't had a ton of success in FOTL Football wise, but this was going to be the only way to break Select at a decent price. I'm really hoping to break out my funk with here goes nothing....

Notable Base Rookie Cards
Baker Mayfield
Sony Michel
Calvin Ridley
Josh Rosen
Josh Allen (2)

Premier Level
Saquon Barkley

Field Level
Josh Rosen

Tom Brady
Tyreek Hill
Ezekiel Elliott
Kirk Cousins

Snapshots Silver Prizm

Derwin James

Cooper Kupp
JuJu Smith-Schuster
James Connor

Sensations Tye Dye
Cooper Kupp (#20/25)

Rookie Selections

Saquon Barkley
Sony Michel

Rookie Selections Silver Prizm
Josh Rosen
Christian Kirk
Mason Rudolph

Rookie Selections Gold Prizm
Nick Chubb (#9/10)

Calvin Ridley
Jalen Ramsey
Todd Gurley

Phenomenon Silver Prizm
DeShaun Watson
Rob Gronkowski

Concourse Silver Prizms

Sam Darnold RC
Rashaad Penny RC
Jordan Thomas RC
Lorenzo Carter RC
Antonio Callaway RC
Chase Edmonds RC
Phillip Lindsay RC
Deon Cain RC
Brennan Scarlett RC
Jessie Bates RC
Jimmy Garoppolo
Tom Brady
Carson Wentz
Derek Carr
Myles Garrett

Premier Level Silver Prizms
Phillip Lindsay RC
Rashaad Penny RC
Nyheim Hines RC
Marquez Valdes-Scantling RC
Keke Coutee RC
JuJu Smith-Schuseter
Matt Ryan
Ben Roethlisberger
Clay Matthews

Field Level Silver Prizms
Harrison Butker RC
Patrick Mahomes II
Pat McAfee
Demaryius Thomas
Xavier Rhodes
Joey Bosa

Premier Level Tri-Color Prizms

Christian Kirk RC (#165/199)
D.J. Chark RC (#65/199)
Alex Collins (#101/199)
Leonard Fournette (#76/199)

Field Level Tri-Color Prizms
Darious Leonard RC (#10/99)

Concourse Blue Prizm
Saquon Barkley RC (#151/175)
Anthony Miller RC (#78/175)
Ben Roethlisberger (#21/175)

Concourse Maroon Prizm
Brennan Scarlett RC (#79/99)
Nyheim Hines RC (#33/99)

Field Level Copper Prizm
James Washington RC (#60/75)
Cameron Jordan (#17/75)

Concourse Orange Prizm
Drew Brees (#18/49)

Orange Pulsar Prizm Concourse
Kenny Young RC (#5/9)

Orange Pulsar Prizm Field Level

Orange Pulsar Prizm Die Cut Field Level

Cam Newton (#7/9)

Select Swatches Silver Prizm
Sam Darnold (#21/99)
DeMarcus Lawrence (#100/194)

Select Swatches White Prizm

Chris Thompson (#32/75)

Rookie Signatures Silver Prizm
Leighton Vander Esch (#49/199)

Signature Prizm Blue
Joe Washington (#12/49)

Orange Pulsar Jumbo Materials RPA
Christian Kirk (#22/23)

Orange Pulsar Prime Selection RPA
Christian Kirk (#8/23)

Orange Pulsar Rookie Materials RPA
Jaleel Scott (#12/23)

XRC Prizm Redemption


XRC Mystery Autograph Tie-Dye Prizm Redemption

400 Panini Points

Overall Thoughts: MUCH....MUCH...MUCH...BETTER! I KILLED THIS BREAK!!! Man O man was this fun and the TOTAL opposite of last weekend. I pulled a ton of nice rookie parallels, some surprising (I already sold the Darius Leonard Tri-Color for $40, the Cam Newton for $45, and one of the Lindsay Rookie Prizms for $25). I got a nice Barkley Blue Prizm Parallel, a Nick Chubb Gold Insert Numbered to 10, a Leighton Vander Esch Silver Prizm Auto (he's a Cowboy, so that's PC) and so much more. Even with the Panini Points (at least its 400 points) and getting two different RPA's of the same rookie (Christian Kirk...hey it could be worse) and a 3rd bla one (Jaleel Scott) I still absolutely destroyed this break. The Darnold numbered to 9 is BIG time! Definitely a top 5 pull! The crazy thing. In a few more months this break might even be BETTER. I pulled a Mystery Autograph Redemption (Tie Dye Version to 25) for a player from this upcoming draft. If somehow that ends up being a QB (now I'm hoping the Giants trade up to get Dwayne Haskins) this could be a MONEY CARD! I really needed this after last week! Now this DOESN'T change my mind, it's not going to make think everything is OK and I can just go back and buy a ton of wax again, I still plan on scaling back...just happy I'm back on track! Here's pics of the cards!!



Top 5 Pulls of 2019
#1 2018-19 Optic Basketball Lebron James Purple Stars FOTL Exclusive Parallel (#5/13)
#2 2018-19 Prizm Basketball Robert Williams III Black Gold Prizm RC (#3/5)
#3 2018 Select Sam Darnold FOTL Neon Orange Pulsar Prizm RC (#2/9)
#4 2018 Contenders Football Nick Chubb FOTL Red Zone Auto Parallel
#5 2018-19 Optic Basketball Signature Series Gold Trae Young (#1/10)

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Box & Case Breaks: 3 Cello Boxes and 1 Hobby Case of 2018-19 Optic Basketball

Like I stated yesterday, last week I got a case of 18-19 Optic in, but also happened to get big time sick (still recovering, but better) so I stopped busting 8 boxes in. This week I happened to get 3 Cello Boxes of Optic Retail as well, so I'll combine both breaks into one post. First The Cello Boxes.

Notable Base Rookies Luka Doncic (2)
Jaren Jackson Jr. (4)
DeAndre Ayton (2)
Trae Young (3)
Kevin Knox (3)
Shai Gilgeious-Alexander (2)
Mo Bamba (2)
Michael Porter Jr. (2)
Collin Sexton (2)
Marvin Bagley III (2)

Express Lane

Harrison Barnes (2)
Gary Payton (2)
Devin Booker (2)
Isiah Thomas (2)
Tony Parker (2)
Lonzo Ball
Klay Thompson (2)
Stephen Curry
Ben Simmons
C.J. McCollum
Chris Paul
Jrue Holiday
Victor Oliadipo
Jimmy Butler
Russell Westbrook
Isaiah Thomas

Express Lane Purple Holo
Chris Paul (2)

Express Lane Pink Holo
Devin Booker (#15/25)

Winner Stays
Bill Russell (2)
Dennis Rodman
Scottie Pippen (2)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar (2)
Robert Horry (2)
Shaquille O'Neal
Tim Duncan
Magic Johnson
Kevin Durant
Robert Parish
Dirk Nowtizki
Dwyane Wade

Franchise Features
Dennis Smith Jr. (2)
Donovan Mitchell (2)
Russell Westbrook (2)
Kyle Lowry
Marc Gasol (3)
Kristaps Porzingis (2)
Anthony Davis (2)
Kevin Love (2)
Lou Williams (2)
LeBron James
Lauri Markkanen
Ben Simmons (2)
Aaron Gordon
Taurean Prince
Devin Booker
Andre Drummond

Franchise Features Silver Holo
Giannis Antetokounmpo

League Leaders
Stephen Curry (2)
James Harden (2)
Clint Capela
Anthony Davis
Russell Westbrook
Andre Drummond

Lock It Up
Anthony Davis
Karl Anthony-Towns (2)
Jimmy Butler (2)
Paul George
Chris Paul
Giannis Antetokounmpo

Fantasy Stars

Anthony Davis (2)
Karl Anthony Towns
James Harden

Fantasy Stars Pink Holo
Kevin Durant (#20/25)

Blue Velocity Holo

Jaren Jackson Jr. RC
DeAndre Ayton RC
Trae Young RC
Michael Porter Jr. RC
Marvin Bagley III RC
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander RC (2)
Lonnie Walker IV RC (3)
Mo Bamba RC
Robert Williams III RC
Aaron Holiday RC
Josh Okogie RC
Jerome Robinson RC (2)
Alonzo Trier RC
Melvin Frazier Jr. RC
Omari Spellman RC
Keita Bates-Diop RC (2)
Gary Trent Jr. RC
Justin Jackson RC
Landry Shamet RC
Jacob Evans RC
Anfernee Simons RC
Elie Okobo RC
Svi Mykhailuk RC
Bruce Brown RC
Jaylen Brown
Lonzo Ball (2)
Jimmy Butler (2)
Trevor Ariza (2)
Aaron Gordon (2)
Al Horford (2)
Zach Randolph
Avery Bradley
Derrick Rose (2)
Ryan Anderson (2)
Andre Drummond
Markelle Fultz (2)
Klay Thompson (2)
TJ Warren
Dion Waiters
Andrew Wiggins
Ricky Rubio
Matthew Dellavedova
Devin Booker
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
Nerlens Noel
Lauri Markkanen (2)
Zach Collins
Jrue Holiday
Ben Simmons
John Wall
Rajon Rondo
Jeff Green
Pau Gasol
James Johnson
Tim Hardaway Jr.
Josh Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Giannis Antetokounmpo (3)
Jonas Valanciunas (2)
Damian Lillard (2)
Victor Oladipo
Nikola Jokic
Mario Hezonja
Wesley Matthews
Eric Gordon
Marc Gasol
D.J. Augustin (2)
Otto Porter Jr.
Eric Bledsoe
Enes Kanter
Dirk Nowitzki
Kyle Korver
Malik Monk (2)
JR Smith
Dennis Smith Jr.
Karl Anthony Towns
George Hill
Zach LaVine
Joe Ingles
Jeremy Lin
Jarrett Allen
DeMar DeRozan
De'Aaron Fox
Gary Harris
Bradley Beal
Taurean Prince
Derrick Favors

Silver Holo

Lonnie Walker IV RC
Troy Brown Jr. RC
Grayson Allen RC
Rondae Hollis Jefferson
Jusuf Nurkic
Trevor Ariza
De'Aaron Fox

Purple Holo
Kevin Knox RC
Bruce Brown RC
Svi Mykhailiuk RC
Stephen Curry
Carmelo Anthony
DeAndre Jordan
Kemba Walker
George Hill
Marcin Gortat
Jamal Murray
Lou Williams

Checkerboard Holo
Jarrett Allen

Signature Series Silver Holo
Hamidou Diallo

150 Panini Points

Overall Thoughts: Yup..sucked. This was terrible. Even with the supposed "production cut" I managed to find 3 pretty mediocre boxes. Very Disappointed. Of course I get 150 Panini Points to add salt to the wound. Just gross. Here's pic of the "better cards" I guess you can say

And now on to the case..unfortunately I am already 8 boxes in and it's been pretty crappy overall (of course it has) I'm hoping to the last 4 boxes can make up for it.

Notable Base RC's Luka Doncic (5)
DeAndre Ayton (7)
Michael Porter Jr. (4)
Marvin Bagley III (2)
Collin Sexton (2)
Mo Bamba (3)
Jaren Jackson Jr. (3)
Shai Gilgeious-Alexander (3)
Trae Young (3)
Kevin Knox

All Stars
Karl Anthony Towns (2)
Victor Oladipo
Kyle Lowry (3)
Damian Lillard (3)
James Harden (2)
LeBron James (2)
Bradley Beal
Andre Drummond
DeMar DeRozan
Kemba Walker (2)
Russell Westbrook
Anthony Davis
Stephen Curry
Paul George
Kevin Durant
Anthony Davis

All Stars Silver Holo
Draymond Green
Giannis Antetokounmpo
DeMar DeRozan
Andre Drummond

All Stars Red Holo
Joel Embiid (#35/99)
Stephen Curry (#97/99)

All Stars Blue Holo
Paul George (#17/49)
Kyrie Irving (#26/49)

Retro Series
Pete Maravich
Drazen Petrovic (2)
Gary Payton (2)
Oscar Robertson (3)
Larry Bird (3)
Kevin Garnett (4)
Anfernee Hardaway (2)
Dennis Johnson
Allen Iverson (2)
Tim Duncan
Shaquille O'Neal
Stephon Marbury
Amare Stoudemire
Steve Nash (2)
Paul Pierce
Baron Davis (2)
John Stockton
Ray Allen
Grant Hill
Tracy McGrady
Wilt Chamberalin
Dennis Rodman

Retro Series Silver Holo
Kobe Bryant
Wilt Chamberlain
Amare Stoudemire
Oscar Robertson
Julius Erving
Stephon Marbury
Drazen Petrovic

Andrew Wiggins
Kobe Bryant (2)
James Harden (2)
Jimmy Butler (4)
Russell Westbrook (2)
Giannis Antetokounmpo (2)
LeBron James
Kevin Garnett
Rudy Gay
Dennis Rodman (2)
Donovan Mitchell
Kevin Durant
Paul Pierce
John Wall
Stephen Curry

Heart Silver Holo
Allen Iverson
Rudy Gay
James Harden
Draymond Green
Kevin Garnett
Russell Westbrook

Heart Red Holo

All Clear For Takeoff

Tracy McGrady
LeBron James
Russell Westbrook (3)
Dennis Smith Jr. (3)
Shawn Kemp
Dominique Wilkins (2)
Zach LaVine
Spud Webb
Donovan Mitchell (2)
Blake Griffin
Victor Oladipo
Larry Nance Jr.

All Clear For Takeoff Silver Holo
Larry Nance Jr.
LeBron James
Zach LaVine

Swishful Thinking
Paul George (2)
Kemba Walker (2)
Klay Thompson (2)
Steve Kerr (2)
Stephen Curry
Ray Allen
Larry Bird

Swishful Thinking Silver Holo
Reggie Miller
Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson

Swishful Thinking Red Holo

James Harden (#34/99)

The Rookies
Luka Doncic
Marvin Bagley III (2)
DeAndre Ayton

The Rookies Silver Holo
Jaren Jackson Jr.

Silver Holo
Anfernee Simons RC
Landry Shamet RC
Khyri Thomas RC
Bruce Brown RC
Justin Jackson RC
Elie Okobo RC (2)
Svi Mykhailiuk RC
Aaron Holiday RC
Josh Okogie RC
Bruce Brown RC
Jacob Evans III RC
Dennis Schroeder
Brandon Ingram
J.R. Smith (2)
Aaron Gordon
Jeff Teague
Al Horford
Kyle Korver
Khris Middleton
Nicolas Batum
Taurean Prince
Derrick Favors
Tristan Thompson
Draymond Green
Otto Porter Jr. (2)
Dario Saric
DeAndre Jordan
Kemba Walker
Anthony Davis
Jarrett Allen
Goran Dragic
Dirk Nowitzki
Enes Kanter
Reggie Jackson
Kevin Durant
Karl Anthony Towns
JJ Redick
George Hill
LaMarcus Aldridge
Bogdan Bogdanovic
Evan Fournier
Rudy Gobert
John Collins
Evan Turner
Donovan Mitchell

Orange Holo

Mitchell Robinson RC (#41/199)
Chandler Hutchison RC (#149/199)
Khyri Thomas RC (#70/199)
Nikola Jokic (#91/199)
DeMar Derozan (#138/199)
Goran Dragic (#58/199)
Bogdan Bogdanovic (#87/199)
Tyreke Evans (#112/199)
Tyreke Evans (#148/199)
DeAndre Jordan (#13/199)
DeAndre Jordan (#34/199)
DeAndre Jordan (#123/199) (YES..3 DEANDRE JORDAN ORANGE..LOL)
DeMarre Carroll (#176/199)
Brandon Ingram (#83/199)
Kemba Walker (#2/199)

Lime Green Holo

Michael Porter Jr. RC (#87/149)
De'Anthony Melton RC (#103/149)
Svi Mykhailiuk RC (#56/149)
Klay Thompson (#75/149)
Otto Porter Jr. (#109/149)
Hassan Whiteside (#78/149)
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (#84/149)
Bogdan Bogdanovic (#32/149)
Mike Conley (#101/149)
J.R. Smith (#94/149)
Rudy Gay (#116/149)
Rajon Rondo (#114/149)

Red Holo
Jaren Jackson Jr. RC (#73/99)
Jaren Jackson Jr. RC (#75/99)
Wendell Carter Jr. RC (#23/99)
Josh Okogie RC (#78/99)
Dzanan Musa RC (#92/99)
Andre Drummond (#78/99)
Nicolas Batum (#79/99)
Tyreke Evans (#50/99)
Chris Paul (#80/99)
Lauri Markkanen (#15/99)

Pink Velocity Holo
Gary Harris (#64/79)
Steven Adams (#64/79)
Ryan Anderson (#4/79)
Avery Bradley (#74/79)
Luke Kennard (#6/79)
Devin Booker (#79/79)

Blue Holo

LeBron James (#1/49)
Kawhi Leonard (#37/49)
Steven Adams (#12/49)

Black Velocity Holo
Keita Bates-Diop RC (#24/39)
Dillon Brooks (#15/39)

Gold Holo
Trevor Ariza (#5/10) Of course it's of a crap vet

Rated Rookie Autographs
Marvin Bagley III
Collin Sexton
Shai Gilgeious-Alexander
Mo Bamba
Anfernee Simons
De'Anthony Melton
Aaron Holiday

Rookie Dominator Autographs
Landry Shamet Redemption

Hall Dominator Gold Autographs
Gail Goodrich (#4/10)

Signature Series
J.P. Macura (Seriously...WHO?!!?)
Dzanan Musa (Just beyond a joke)

Signature Seris Gold Vinyl
At this point this is the in the last box of the case and I'm thinking..well mayyyyyybe they gave me a HUGE card to make up for such a crap case



Friday, February 8, 2019

January Mail Days

I've been SUPER sick the past week which halted my case break of 18-19 Optic Basketball. I still need to finish that, which I'm hoping to do this weekend as I'm feeling a bit better, but before I do that, I wanted to show off my January Mail Days. It's been a while since I've had a ton of pickups since I had been more focused on busting boxes for Cardfest at the end of last year, but to start off the year I picked up a few things. Here's what I got!

00-01 Ultimate Victory Championship Fabrics Julius Erving

If I happen to stumble upon a game used card from early 00's, I definitely try my best to add it to my collection. I won this for a mere $4.00 (free shipping since I won another card to go with it). An early issued Dr. J Jersey card. I can't believe a card like this can be had for under $5 but that's what happens when memorabilia cards have been basically killed as a collectible. Just a great card from a time mem cards meant something

17-18 Flawless Patches Clyde Drexler (#15/25)
Yes mem cards are basically dead, but patch cards still carry some weight, and Flawless patches are some of the nicest ones you can find. I got this Clyde The Glide Patch for $35.00 and it features a big nice patch from one of his Blazers jerseys.

2018-19 Prizm Luka Doncic Green Prizm RC

This was basically free since I used my Ebay Bucks to pick this up. I think Green Prizms are underrated, as they're retail only and probably have a print run way lower than than super popular Silver Prizms. I also think this border goes well with Luka because it's the Mavs Old School Jersey colors.

2018-19 Prizm Luka Doncic Silver Prizm

I overpaid, but I had to get one. I had a lot of money to play with after a bunch of sales so I splurged and picked up his most popular Prizm rookie. Yes, there are a ton, but regardless it's still one of the best Luka's to get. Very happy to add it to my collection!

2018 Optic Saquon Barkley Purple Stars Auto RC (#19/50)

I'm a sucker for Chrome On Card Autos and since I only have one other Saquon Auto (An auto I pulled out of Retail Panini, which is a sticker auto) I saw this sent a best offer and the seller accepted. These were the FOTL exclusive autos so basically for the price of a couple of boxes I snatched the Saquon.  Very nice card of the NFL's Rookie Of The Year

2017 Prizm Patrick Mahomes II Purple Cracked Ice Auto RC (#61/75)

I was going to get one eventually. Yes it's a sticker auto, but it's still a very nice rookie auto of the league's newest star and MVP of the 2018 season.

98-99 EX Century Allen Iverson Dunk N' Go Nuts

Been a while since I've added an old school insert, but I saw this and there was NO DOUBT I was winning it. It's one of my favorite insert sets ever. I have a Shaq, and now I have the A.I.!

and now my two favorite pickups of the month

2016 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Patches Autograph Mike Piazza (#3/3)

HOLY CRAP IS THIS AMAZING! A letterman patch along with two nice multi color patches and an auto of Hall of Famer Mike Piazza! The auto is a sticker, but it actually works nice with this card. I don't have a lot of book cards, but this one was definitely worth it!

2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Legendary Signatures Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith/Thurman Thomas (#13/15)

Yeah..I mean do I need to say anything? Look at this combo. The BEST trio of RB's in the 90's. Of course it's got my guy Emmitt and I've always wanted a multi auto card of him and Barry Sanders. You throw in HOF'er Thurman Thomas and this card is just unbelievably awesome. As far as football cards, I have a couple of cards that are more valuable than this one...but this one right my new favorite football card in my collection.

I'm hoping to have the Optic Case Break post up sometime this weekend.