Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Mailday: Autographed Wrasslin Cards!!

When I heard Leaf was coming out with a Wrestling Set that had autographs galore, I couldn't wait for it to come out. I've been a huge wrestling fan all my life and here was a chance to obtain autographs of some of the guys I grew up watching. For some of these guys, it's their first certified autographs and they are all on card. Sure the pics may look a little goofy, but I still really like em. Here's the first wave of autographs that I got.

The DiBiase Is Awesome. The Million Dollar Man has always been a favorite of mine, from his theme to his unique laugh, this is also the blue bordered version and it's numbered to 10 (mine being 9 of 10). Mr. Wonderful was a big star in the 80's Rock N Wrestling Connection Era and he and Hogan had a memorable feud in the WWF during that time. Marty Jannetty is of course the other half of the Rockers of Shawn Michaels, and they were one of the greatest high flying tag teams of all time. He's before my time, but I know my wrestling and Ivan Koloff "The Russian Bear" was the one who ended Bruno Sammartino's 7 year WWWF title reign. He also had a successful run in the 80's NWA as part of "The Russians" with fellow "Russian" Wrestlers Nikita Koloff and Krusher Kruschev. This is definitely a set I'm gonna be chasing. I'm going to go after all the wrestlers that I do not have autographs of. I have more coming in, and I'll showcase those as soon as I get them.

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