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Box Breaks: 4 Boxes of 14/15 Totally Certified Basketball

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Another Black Friday Purchase (these are still $29.95 a box on DACardworld) that I felt had little to no risk. 4 hits per box for $30 bucks felt good enough to give it a shot. Here's what I got

Box #1

Jabari Parker Base RC

Red Parallel
Jared Sullinger (#31/279)

Blue Parallel
Goran Dragic (#14/149)

Blue Die Cut Parallel
Kevin Love (#06/74)

Certified Excellence
Kobe Bryant (#61/299)

Rookie Roll Call Auto

Jarnell Stokes (#12/299)

Totally Certified Jerseys Red

Dante Exum (#33/249)
Dan Majerle (#191/249)

EPIX Jerseys
Ricky Rubio Single Jersey (#29/199)

Box 2

Red Parallel
Damian Lillard (#3/279)
Jerry West (#72/279)

Red Die Cut Parallel
Klay Thompson (#66/135)

Blue Parallel Die Cuit Parallel
Andrew Bogut (#24/74)

Certified Excellence
Chris Paul (#19/299)

Rookie Roll Call Mirror Parallel
James Young (#14/25)

Totally Certified Jerseys Red
DeMar DeRozan (#14/249)

Totally Certified Jerseys Blue
LeBron James (#89/199)

Clear Cloth Jerseys Blue
Jonas Valanciunas (#72/199)

Box #3

Andrew Wiggins Base RC

Red Parallel
P.J. Hairston RC (#133/279)
Nikola Vucevic (#48/279)

Red Die Cut Parallel
Kyle Lowry (#100/135)

Purple Parallel
Paul Pierce (#49/49)

Totally Certified Jerseys Red
Alex English (#13/149)

Clear Cloth Jerseys Red
Kawhi Leonard (#287/299)

Clear Cloth Jerseys Blue
Mike Conley (#56/99)

Certified Competitor Autograph
Danny Green (#93/99)

Box 4

Aaron Gordon and Julius Randle Base RC's

Certified Skills
Joakim Noah (#268/299)

Certified Skills Mirror Parallel
DeAndre Jordan (#10/25)

Red Parallel
P.J. Hairston RC (#83/279)
Steven Adams (#72/279)

Red Die Cut Parallel

Pete Maravich (#72/135)

Blue Parallel
Manu Ginobili (#25/149)

Select Few Signatures
Xavier McDaniel (#8/60)

Present Potential Mirror Signature
Ryan Kelly (#18/25)

Totally Certified Jerseys Purple Die Cut
Joe Johnson (#61/99)

EPIX Gold Triple Jersey

Dwyane Wade (#7/10)

Overall Thoughts: Pretty much what I expected. I'm a sucker for pulling rookies so I'm happy I hit the Wiggins (also hit Parker, Randle, and Aaron Gordon, some of the better rookies in this class). Nothing huge, though the Wade Gold Triple Jersey is a pretty cool hit. Also happy with getting jersey cards of LeBron and Kawhi. I got two low serial numbered autos just not of anyone notable. Best auto was probably the Xavier McDaniel one, which I like because I don't have an auto of him and I remember "hating" him as a kid when I was a Bulls fan because he played for the Knicks so it brings back memories. Again like most older Panini products, these are much better breaks at drastically reduced prices and even then, you might be a little disappointed. I just like ripping packs and as I build my collection, I'm not looking to sell that often, so if still pull good cards of Wade, LeBron, Kawhi, and DeRozan, I'm pretty happy with that plus the entertainment value. Again, if you're a basketball fan and just want to rip something cheap and get 4 guaranteed hits you should definitely try at least a box of this at 30 bucks a pop. Here are pics of the cards

 photo 20161203_125557_zps506olyuy.jpg 
 photo 20161203_125904_zpslkb0vymj.jpg 
 photo 20161203_130115_zpsoonvcgl0.jpg 
 photo 20161203_130518_zpsumglechz.jpg 
 photo 20161203_131503_zpsjjgu91rf.jpg 
 photo 20161203_132424_zpsrcacs3vp.jpg 
 photo 20161203_135557_zpswnh4kxzl.jpg 
 photo 20161203_140108_zps3p14ei8n.jpg 

Top 5 Pulls of 2016
#1- 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1)
#2- 2015-16 Panini Prizms Rookie Signatures Silver Prizms Kristaps Porzingis (#25/25)
    #3-15/16 Prestige Prestigious Premieres Signatures Karl Anthony Towns      (#101/299)
#4- 2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relic Game Used Ball Kris Bryant (#5/10)
    #5-2016 Topps Strata Signatures Ken Griffey Jr. Redemption

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