Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Most Memorable Pulls of 2016

Well, with the year coming to an end and since I won't be receiving any more boxes to open this year, I figured I'd go back and look at my memorable pulls since coming back to collecting in the summer of 2016. I'll start with the honorable mentions than countdown the 5 top pulls of 2016, which of course if you read my box breaks you know I've been keeping a running list of my Top 5 pulls since I started back up. So without further ado, here's the best pulls I've had since I've been back.

15-16 Excalibur Rookie Rampage Auto Jersey Karl Anthony Towns
 photo 20160618_153236_zps5uedb27r.jpg
This was the first major pull I had in my return to collecting. I pulled this in my first box break when I bought a couple boxes of 15-16 Jumbo Prizm Basketball and a box of 15-16 Excalibur. Getting a Towns right off the bat was pretty awesome!

15-16 Gold Standard Golden Pairs Dual Patch Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson #12/25

How can I forgot pulling this beauty from a box of Gold Standard? In only my 2nd box break I pulled this card along with 2 other nice cards from the same box. The Curry patch on this is awesome!

15-16 Gold Standard Myles Turner Auto/Patch RC #11/25

The 2nd awesome card I pulled from this box. A nice RPA of one of the better rookies from the loaded 15-16 class.

15-16 Gold Standard Gold Strike Kristaps Porzingis Auto/Jersey #56/99

My first Porzingis pull in what would be a recurring theme throughout the year. Not a bad rookie to keep pulling, that's for sure!

2016 Topps Stadium Club Instavision Kris Bryant
 photo 20160706_235452_zps4wjmepld.jpg
It's not worth a ton, but it's still pretty cool to pull a case hit of one the greatest young players in the game today!

15-16 Limited Dual Signatures Kristaps Porzingis/Jerian Grant Gold Spotlight #8/10
 photo 20160714_153118_zpsp2malyfq.jpg
Kristaps strikes again! This time it's a dual autograph numbered to 10!

2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relics Kris Bryant (#5/10)
 photo 20160802_012814_zpsxpmq4koc.jpg
How can I forget that day long event of opening boxes of cards all day and it ended with a bang with this card and another that I'll showcase in my top 5. Numbered to only 10 copies, this card has a piece of game used ball from Kris Bryant's first HR game.

15-16 Donruss Timeless Treasures Kristaps Porzingis Autograph/Jersey Card #26/75
 photo 20160801_215619_zpsfqa6dl0n.jpg
For the 3rd time, Porzingis strikes again! Another nice rookie auto pull of the "Unicorn"

15-16 Panini Prestige Distinctive Ink Kyrie Irving Redemption (# to 25)
 photo 20160801_230948_zpsg7jiwxay.jpg
My first redemption pull and it was Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately, though I have pulled quite a few redemptions this year, this one is one of the two I have that are still outstanding. Kyrie is awesome and I'm hoping I don't have to wait forever for it, but since it's numbered to 25 copies, I'm willing to wait it out longer, hoping it gets made.

15-16 Gold Standard Gold Strike Myles Turner Auto/Patch RC #25/25
 photo 20160802_003010_zpstp7qdkks.jpg
On my 2nd go around with Gold Standard I pulled a different Myles Turner Patch/Auto Rookie Card!

15-16 Gold Standard 14K John Wall Auto #40/40
 photo 20160802_003724_zpsudsexea9.jpg
Gold Standard was really good to me this year, and this Wall On Card Auto Card is very nice looking!

15-16 Gold Standard Golden Pairs Andrew Wiggins/Kevin Garnett Dual Patch #7/25
 photo 20160802_004014_zpsxxoue5bl.jpg
Love these Golden Pairs Dual Patch cards and I was able to pull another one this time of Wiggins and KG!

15-16 Revolution Autographs Tracy McGardy
 photo 20160822_195427_zpse68nwmcb.jpg
A pleasant surprise from a low end product. On Card Autograph of TMac!

2016 Donruss The Elite Series Ezekiel Elliott #783/999
 photo 20160905_104620_zps8avswnli.jpg
To date the only Zeke I've pulled. I know it's low end but it's still an awesome card!

2016 Donruss Signature Marks Gold Terry Bradshaw Autograph #1/5
 photo 20160905_153009_zps16eyebbk.jpg
I know Bradshaw's in the news right now for his comments about Mike Tomlin not being a great coach. Regardless if his opinion (which I don't agree with at all, Tomlin's a hell of a coach to me) he's still a Hall of Famer with 4 Super Bowl Rings. It was really cool to pull his autograph and it being numbered to only 5 copies was even better.

15-16 Panini Preferred Crown Royale Purple Auto D'Angelo Russell (#6/49)
 photo 20160915_151749_zps6mljj2zw.jpg
Originally a redemption I pulled, this was from my horrible Panini Preferred break. It was by far the best card of the break. Really love the die cut Crown Royale design and the fact that it's an on card rookie auto.

15-16 Court Kings Sapphire Autographs Dennis Rodman #22/25
 photo 20160930_203535_zpsku2twsbr.jpg
Love this card because of the huge bold signature. Also numbered to only 25 copies

15-16 Noir Black and White Autographs Giannis Antetokounmpo (#15/49)
 photo Giannis_zpsvmghrxun.jpg
Another card I pulled a redemption of. Luckily it didn't take long to get in. The Greek Freak has been nothing short of AMAZING this season and it's cool to pull an on card auto of his.

And now the official Top 5 Cards I pulled this year. Starting with #5

#5 2016 Topps Strata Signatures Ken Griffey Jr. Redemption

My Strata Case Break was overall disappointing, but pulling this sure wasn't. I've seen the shadowbox autos from this product so I know it's going to be awesome. My worry is how long it's going to take to get made. I hope I don't have to wait years for it

#4 15-16 Prestige Prestigious Premieres Signatures Karl Anthony Towns #101/299

I only pulled two KAT autos this year, but this was by far the best since it's on card

#3 15-16 Panini Prizm Rookie Signatures Silver Prizms Kristaps Porzingis #25/25
 photo 20160902_194803_zpslgsuwzhh.jpg
The best out of the 4 Porzingis Autos I pulled this year. It's on card and from the super popular Prizm set. It's also the Silver Refractor numbered to 25. Great rookie card to have!

#2 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1) 
 photo 20160802_013347_zpsf6kchait.jpg 
From the same box I pulled the Kris Bryant Milestone Relic. This was my first ever 1/1 and superfractor. It's the only card on here that I no longer had as I sold it for a price I just couldn't refuse. It was basically my #1 pull all year before just recently getting edged out a couple weeks ago by card #1. 

#1   2015-16 Gala Red Carpet Signatures Kobe Bryant (#9/30)
And the best card I pulled of 2016, I just pulled two weeks ago. An on card beauty of Kobe Bryant. Numbered to only 30 copies, these sell pretty well on the secondary market as well. By far my best pull!

Here's hoping that 2017 is just not or even more successful than this year was!!  


  1. Wow... you pulled more amazing hits this year than I have pulled in my entire lifetime. Congratulations! Looking to live vicariously through you again in 2017.

    1. Hahahah, thanks Fuji, I've also ripped open a lot of duds this year too!

    2. It's always more entertaining to focus on the positive... but I'm sure a Top 10 biggest duds post would have been cool too.

    3. I would...but I don't feel like crying haha