Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 Topps National Baseball Card Day Cards

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Last Saturday was National Baseball Card Day and Topps decided to celebrate it with a National Baseball Card Day Set in which they sent card shops packs to give away for the occasion. I placed an order with the Baseball Card King in Chicago and for ordering they gave me a pack of these special edition cards. I really like the idea, I think it's really cool and a good way to promote the hobby. The set is 50 cards, but card #50 which is of Kris Bryant isn't available in the packs. Instead, if you purchase $10 more at these shops, they give you the Bryant in a one touch top loader. I did receive the Bryant as well, which is shown above. The other cool thing about this set, is Topps randomly inserted autographs into the packs. Of course superstars like Ichiro are super shortprinted to 15, still for free, it's a nice incentive and cool little bonus. You get 6 cards per pack, and no I didn't pull an auto, but still got base cards if Mike Trout and Ichiro to go along with my Kris Bryant. Here's a look at the rest of cards I pulled. Free cards are always good cards in my book!

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  1. Kudos to Topps for producing a set for National Baseball Card Day. Cool stuff.