Friday, August 12, 2016

Box Breaks: 2 Boxes of 15-16 Luxe....which really SUCKS

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I wanted to try my luck with Luxe because I really like the metal framed autograph cards that you get 1 a box. I never tried though because of the price point. This was once a $200 per box (i.e. Pack) product and it blows my mind how Panini came up with that price point with this. Eventually it settled into $124.95 but even then that was too much for me to consider. Finally, Dave and Adams Card World was having a National Special on these and they were $109.95 a box. So now that it was priced like Gold Standard, I felt more comfortable taking a shot at these. Here are the results.

Box 1

Red Die Cut Jersey
Reggie Jackson (#38/99)

Sapphire Die Cut Jersey
Jerian Grant (#7/25)

Luxe Signatures
Bill Cartwright (#23/49)

Silver Metal Framed Auto
Robert Parish (#24/49)

Box 2

Luxe Memorabilia
Larry Bird (#32/99)

Luxe Rookie Jerseys
Devin Booker (#54/99)

Rookie Autograph Jumbo Jerseys
Jerian Grant (#16/35)

Silver Metal Framed Auto
Frank Kaminsky (#34/49)

Overall Thoughts: Here's the prime example of how ugly a break can get. might be looking at $25 worth of cards here. Two different low numbered hits of JERIAN GRANT doesn't help matters. Box 2 was better but that's not really saying much. The cards themselves look OK and I do like the framed autographs. All auto's are also on card which is good. I can't imagine paying $200 much less $125 a pop for this. That's the hobby for you win lose some. It happens. Here's a look at the "hits"

 photo 20160812_121032_zpsfgjnsx2a.jpg 
Great looking low numbered parallel..the player sucks though

 photo 20160812_121123_zpsoxnturyq.jpg 
Definition of filler 

 photo 20160812_121216_zpsvdtkptvk.jpg 
I'm fond of Bill from his Bulls championship days..but c'mon he ain't carryin no break

 photo 20160812_121257_zpsxct97fiw.jpg 
These are really cool and Robert Parish is a Hall of Famer...but it's not even close to make this break salvageable

 photo 20160812_121714_zpsijbt1zmf.jpg 
So things picked up a little bit in box #2 with this Devin Booker Jersey

 photo 20160812_121806_zpsnc2kjj02.jpg 
And then a Larry Bird Jersey card! Hey things are looking up!!

 photo 20160812_121907_zpsjiw0qhho.jpg 
Only for Jerian Grant to show up once again and ruin the momentum.

 photo 20160812_122028_zps88stb2mi.jpg 
And Frank Kaminsky for the anti-climatic finish...

Top 5 Pulls of 2016
#1- 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1)
#2- 2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relic Game Used Ball Kris Bryant (#5/10)
#3-15-16 Limited Gold Spotlight Dual Signatures Kristaps Porzingis/Jerian Grant (#8/10)
#4-15-16 Gold Standard Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson Golden Pairs Dual Patch (#12/25)
#5-15-16 Excalibur Karl Anthony Towns Rookie Rampage Autograph Jersey


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