Thursday, August 25, 2016

This Week's Pickups

Got a couple cards in the email from EBay this week. Here's my latest additions to my collection

15-16 Luxe Karl Anthony Rookie Jerseys Prime #23/25
 photo 20160825_152156_zpsc8s4rqxg.jpg
Luxe sucked as a box break, but this is a pretty awesome Patch card of the reigning Rookie Of The Year. Love that it's part of the nameplate. Great addition to my small KAT collection

15-16 Spectra Kristaps Porzingis Autograph Jersey Rookie Card
  photo 20160825_152315_zpsp4noreqw.jpg
My 4th Porzingis Auto Rookie, but first I haven't personally pulled. I really like the look of Spectra, but the price point per box is outrageous. This didn't cost even close to what it costs for a box of Spectra. Great looking card!

15-16 Prizm Emergent Kristaps Porzingis
 photo 20160825_152348_zpsqhfhafrp.jpg
This was a nice little bonus. The seller of the Porzingis auto threw this in as well. It's not worth much, but hey I'll take a free Porzingis rookie insert any day!

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