Monday, August 8, 2016

Box Breaks: 2 Boxes of 15-16 Limited

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I got lucky the last time I broke 3 boxes of this and pulled a Porzingis/Jerian Grant Dual Auto numbered to 10 so I decided to try my luck once again. Did my luck run out? Here's the results

Box 1

Brook Lopez (#60/80)

Silver Spotlight

Devin Booker RC (#25/49)

Unlimited Potential Jersey
Jordan Mickey (#23/149)

Silver Spotlight Signatures

Bob Lanier (#20/25)

Decade of Dominance Jersey
Larry Bird (#77/149)

Box #2

Kristaps Porzingis RC (#53/80)


Justice Winslow

Unlimited Potential Jersey

Delon Wright (#64/149)

Trophy Case Jersey
Kawhi Leonard (#73/149)

Nemanja Bjelica (#03/99)

Overall Thoughts: monsters this time, but overall I don't think it was a terrible break. I know value wise I took a big hit, but Jersey cards of Kawhi and Larry Bird, a Bob Lanier auto numbered to #25, a Porzingis base rookie and a Devin Booker parallel. I don't think it's that bad. I still like the product at it's price point. I did freak out when I saw the Timberwolves logo on that Signatures card thinking it was Karl Anthony Towns, but alas it was Nemanja Bjelica lol. Pics of the hits

 photo 20160801_223721_zpsjyxrj9js.jpg 
 photo 20160801_223816_zps2cxspdhc.jpg 
 photo 20160801_224601_zpsne9klpfo.jpg 
 photo 20160801_223526_zpswvbh22mx.jpg 
  photo 20160801_223316_zpsptom8bs9.jpg 
 photo 20160801_224900_zpssjeairsv.jpg 
 photo 20160801_225014_zps0vcyy3yt.jpg 
  photo 20160801_225105_zpssj0gkcbp.jpg 
 photo 20160801_225149_zps9kornx30.jpg
Top 5 Pulls of 2016
#1- 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1)
#2- 2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relic Game Used Ball Kris Bryant (#5/10)
#3-15-16 Limited Gold Spotlight Dual Signatures Kristaps Porzingis/Jerian Grant (#8/10)
#4-15-16 Gold Standard Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson Golden Pairs Dual Patch (#12/25)
#5-15-16 Excalibur Karl Anthony Towns Rookie Rampage Autograph Jersey

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