Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Box Breaks: 2016 Topps Chrome Hobby Jumbo

 photo 20160816_184225_zpsizgyg2yx.jpg 
Topps Chrome has always been a personal favorite of mine, more in the basketball arena, but overall in general it's definitely one of my favorite brands out there. Nowadays with Panini having the exclusive with both football and basketball, the only recent chrome releases are going to be in the baseball variety. I decided to give a box of this a whirl. Here's what I got

Kris Bryant
Corey Seager
Billy Hamilton
Yasiel Puig
Michael Conforto
Evan Longoria

Future Stars
Jose Abreu
Jacob Degrom
Blake Swihart
Jorge Soler

Future Impact
Kenta Maeda
Corey Seager
Blake Snell

Prism Refractors
Miguel Cabrera
Carlos Correa
Sean Doolittle
Nolan Arenado
Christian Yelich
Ian Kinsler

First Pitch

Kristaps Porzingis
Steve Aoki


Kenta Maeda
Stephen Strasburg
Byron Buxton
Jake Odorizzi
Adam Wainwright
Michael Wacha
Brian Dozier
Jose Berrios
Jose Abreu
Robinson Cano
Jeremy Hazelbaker
Hanley Ramirez

Purple Refractor

Kenta Maeda (#9/275)

Blue Wave Refractor

Manny Machado (#26/75)


Kenta Maeda Redemption
Joey Rickard
Max Kepler

Purple Refractor Auto

Jon Gray (#209/250)

Blue Refractor Auto
Jerad Eickhoff (#89/150)  

Overall Thoughts: Fun rip. No big pulls, but still had a great time with the refractors, inserts, and autos. Pulled my 2nd ever redemption with the Maeda. Already redeemed it. I really love the look of most of the inserts. The Perspectives one in particular, they are easy to pull, but the action shots are amazing on them. Also like the look of Future Stars and Youth Impact. Very Chromey which is perfect. I could do without the First Pitch insert set though. Unless it's a part of the brand like Allen & Ginter, I'm not really of fan of "celebrity" cards in sports set. Seems like a waste, although it's probably the only way I'll ever get a taste of what a Porzingis Topps Chrome card would look like. Refractors are refractors, and the Blue Wave is probably my favorite parallel. Pulled Blue and Purple refractor autos to boot as well. The Chrome jumbo is higher, but I'd recommend busting at least a regular hobby box, I believe they are about $60 a pop. Fun break! Here's the hits!

 photo 20160816_204322_zpsadru0dbd.jpg 
Just a look at the base. The Chrome Finish is always a favorite of mine

 photo 20160816_202849_zpsx7dx9dga.jpg 
Perspectives inserts. I love the up and close shot of the players in these

 photo 20160816_202859_zpsts2rlxvt.jpg 
Only insert set I'm not a fan of. I don't even know of Steve Aoki is. 

 photo 20160816_202643_zpscngunfxe.jpg 
Youth Impact, just the kind of inserts I expect to see in Topps Chrome!

 photo 20160816_202628_zps6f88e1ru.jpg 
Same with Future Stars, refractor like inserts, the Topps Chrome way!

 photo 20160816_202743_zpswoxf3kju.jpg 
A look at the regular refractors

 photo 20160816_202822_zpsid0vjjrb.jpg 
A look at the Prism Refractor

 photo 20160816_202927_zpswk6ifjc1.jpg 
Purple Base Refractor, these are numbered to 275

 photo 20160816_202652_zpshigkdkww.jpg 
Blue Wave Parallel of  Machado. One of the better looking refractor parallels

 photo 20160816_191028_zpsrjcljohg.jpg 
Regular Chrome Rookie Auto

 photo 20160816_202436_zpspiqximkt.jpg 
Another Regular Chrome Rookie Auto

 photo 20160816_194413_zpsdhpfujwn.jpg 
It's a redemption, but at least it's a decent hit. Already redeemed

 photo 20160816_202526_zpspf12nrez.jpg 
Purple Refractor Auto Rookie. Numbered to 250

 photo 20160816_202352_zps9kpwnicd.jpg 
Blue Refractor Auto. These are numbered to 150

Top 5 Pulls of 2016
#1- 2016 Topps Tribute Superfractor Autograph Alex Gordon (#1/1)
#2- 2016 Topps Tribute Milestone Relic Game Used Ball Kris Bryant (#5/10)
#3-15-16 Limited Gold Spotlight Dual Signatures Kristaps Porzingis/Jerian Grant (#8/10)
#4-15-16 Gold Standard Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson Golden Pairs Dual Patch (#12/25)
#5-15-16 Excalibur Karl Anthony Towns Rookie Rampage Autograph Jersey



  1. Fun rip! If you need a Tulo or Teixeria Perspectives (if you're collecting the set), let me know and I can send your way. Shoot me an email. If not, no worries!

  2. Thanks, nah not collecting the set, but do like how they look!