Thursday, August 4, 2016

This Week's Pickups

Got a couple of maildays that came in this week. Thought I'd show them off. Here are the goods!!

2016 Topps Undisputed Sasha Banks Autograph #24/50
 photo 20160801_182214_zpsyfvljlq9.jpg 
I don't add wrestling cards  very often but I saw this auto of the current WWE Women's Champion and had to get it. Numbered to 50 and on card, it's a nice autograph of "The Boss" of the WWE

96-97 Topps Holding Court Refractors Michael Jordan
 photo 20160804_133343_zps5tdnxmes.jpg 
So I'm definitely kicking myself over and over for getting rid of all my Jordan cards when I got out of collecting 5 years ago. I had a decent amount of nice 90's inserts and though I did well selling them, seeing how well they sell now, makes me wanna cry...not so much for the extra dough, but because they were such cool looking MJ's that it'll be very hard for me to reacquire them without paying and arm and a leg. You gotta start somewhere though, and this card brings my official Michael Jordan Card Count to 1. I used to own the regular version of this card when I first collected, and when I saw this on auction, I had to get it. I love Topps Finest Refractor Technology, and though this was an insert in the regular base Topps brand, it was still made like a Topps Finest Insert. Beautiful card. It's gonna be tough, but I'm hoping to slowly build up my MJ collection once card at a time.



  1. It's crazy what those 90's inserts go for these days. I watch a lot of the Hakeem Olajuwon stuff from that era and I definitely can't compete with the folks bidding on those. I can't even imagine what the Jordans go for.

  2. Yeah, I think the combination of Jordan being well...the best ever and lack of NBA licensed cards for nearly 7 years of him (I believe 09-10 was the last year any MJ NBA licensed cards were produced) probably drives demand for his older stuff. This card wasn't tooooo bad (51 bucks) but seeing a lot of his 90's stuff in the triple digits is insane. And I used to own some of those!