Saturday, March 26, 2011

Close But No Cigar-2000 SPX Update Winning Materials Trio Griffey/Sosa/A-Rod

When I saw this card on Ebay the first time when 2000 SPX Update came out, I fell in love. I HAD to get this card. A TRIPLE GAME USED JERSEY card of three of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME (Remember this was 2000). This card was my dream card and I remember thinking man this card would go well over triple digits. I took a risk and won the card from a guy with 2 feedback for $75 bucks and crossed my fingers my gem would come in. And sure arrived, and shot up to the top as my favorite card. How could you compete??? Well fast forward more than 10 years later and even quad or more jersey cards are worth nothing more than a shrug and a yawn, but back then it was definitely
a nice card to own.

Why this was considered: Mainly historical purposes. I had only like three or four memorabilia cards at the time, and only one (Grant Hill Fleer Focus Feel the Game) was a jersey card, so to add a triple jersey card of three of the best baseball players at the time was beyond insane in my eyes.

Why this card ultimately did not make the cut: Well Sosa's big fall from grace (to an extent A-Rod's too) kind of hurt this card in my eyes. Also the swatches are generic and boring, white, grey, and black. There are millions of these kind of cards out these days, and they don't fetch more than 10 to 15 dollars at the most. If game used weren't as plentiful as they are now, this could've been a top 20 card much less 100, but with game used cards flooding market, this is just another jersey card in my collection.

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