Monday, March 28, 2011

I must say I actually like my fantasy baseball team!

Last Night we had our draft for our fantasy baseball league. It's a 10 team 5X5 league, head to head. I'm the commissioner of our league and I always feel like there is some kind of conspiracy for the commissioner not getting a top 3 pick (I swear I'm like 0-20, all time in every sport I'm commissioner,lol). So naturally I picked 9th out of 10 and initially was upset, but I think for the first time in baseball, I am actually happy with the team I drafted. Here's the team

C-Brian McCann
1B-Adam Dunn
2B-Dan Uggla
SS-Stephen Drew
OF-Carl Crawford
OF-BJ Upton
OF-Chris Young
Utility-Kendrys Morales/Carlos Pena/Alfonso Soriano

SP-CC Sabathia
SP-Yovani Gallardo
SP-Gio Gonzalez
SP-CJ Wilson
SP-Josh Beckett
SP John Lackey
RP-Joakim Soria
RP-JJ Putz
RP-Brandon Lyon
RP-Aroldis Chapman

Pitching may be a little thin, but I like my hitting a lot. Figure I'll stash Morales until he's ready to come back, and who knows if Fransisco Cordero struggles, maybe Chapman can take over the closer role. He was my last pick of the draft so I think it was a low risk pick. I can't wait till baseball starts now!!

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