Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 100 Cards of My Collection-#98 1999 UD Ovation A Piece of History Steve Young

Every collector probably remembers their used pull that is. Back in 1999 game used was still in its infancy and even game used equipment like basketballs, baseballs, and footballs were highly collectible and in demand. As the game used craze started to slowly take over the hobby, I could only dream of owning a card that contained a piece of the game. Something that could really connect you to the sports that you followed religiously. I watched jealously as one by one my friends pulled their first game used cards and wanted to know when my time would come. It started with my friend Kenny pulling a  Terrell Davis game used jersey out of one pack of
1999 Upper Deck at our local Target. I'll never forget
the phone call, a 1:2500 pack pull of the hottest running
back in the league at the time, out of 1 pack at Target
no less! Then came my cousin, a James Posey Hats Off
card out of a pack of  99-00 Skybox Dominion. My aunt
and cousins had just moved in with us for the time, and
off the bat my cousin pulls a game used hat card. Not only
that, but the pull made Beckett Basketball's hot pulls! The
next major pull was my friend pulling a JD Drew autographed
Authen-Kicks shoe card out of 1999 EX numbered to 8. You
HAVE to be kidding me!!! Finally though...I had my moment.
I bought a pack of 1999 UD Ovation Football at a cardshow,
took the pack home, ripped it, and lo and behold pulled this beauty.
Yes, it's just a piece of game used football, and there's not even a
guarantee Steve Young touched this, but still it was amazing. My first
game used pull!! I still love this card to this day, especially since it has
some of the Wilson lettering from the football. This was the beginning
of what would be many game used acquisitions throughout my hobby


  1. Wow, if this is #98, I can't imagine the collection you have. Cool card of a legend!!!

  2. Thanks Charles, the ride has just begun!! Stay tuned!!